Stuntin' Semi is a New-For-2019 vehicle from the 2019 Super Rigs Hauler/car sets. The set included a specially-decorated Team Hot Wheels Corkscrew Buggy vehicle. This set has special features. It is designed so that orange tracks can be connected to the ramp to launch the Corkscrew Buggy as a stunt vehicle. The stunt buggy can be transported inside the carrier underneath the ramp, which serves as a carrier canopy when the Semi tractor is on the move!

The Stuntin' Semi has been released in the following versions:

Year Toy # Series Color Tampo Country Wheels Notes/Variations Card Photo Vehicle Photo
2019 GBF13 Super Rigs Red Stunt Team-based Rig: "Stunt Team", Blue stars, Gold, white & Blue tampo Thailand White, black-rimmed OR6SP Base Code: M02A Stuntin' Semi(2018)2 Stuntin Semi with Team HW Corkscrew Bubby


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