The Super 6-Lane Raceway was released in 2011 and featured 6 cars, not exclusive to the set*. The set retailed around $80 USD. The set folds easily into a rolling carrying case. It also features a fair release starting gate and a battery operated (3 AA) finish gate that announces the lane of the winning vehicle.

*Variations in Interiors and Country have been found. Please check each castings page for any discrepancies.

Packaged Vehicles

The following cars were featured in this set:

Casting Color Toy # Photo
Phantom Racer Metalflake Purple W9570 Phantom Racer - Super6Lane
Mercy Breaker Yellow W9570 Mercy Breaker - Super6Lane
Octainium Green Chrome W9570 Octainium - Super6Lane
Side Draft Satin Anti-Freeze W9570 Side Draft - Super6Lane
Cockney Cab II Green W9570 Cockney Cab II - Super6Lane
Monoposto Blue W9570 Monoposto - Super6Lane
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