The Super Ultimate Garage 5-Pack (DVF99) was released in 2017.



The following castings were in the Super Ultimate Garage 5-Pack (DVF99):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
Imparable Red Orange and black tampos, white stars above rear wheels, "91", HW logo, and "h" near spoiler White Plastic Yellow Black OH5 with White Rims DVF99 Indonesia 2017 Imparable Super Ultimate Garage 5 pack
Iridium Blue White graphics, "HWGFRX", HW logo, "04", yellow and blue checkered graphics Unpainted/Metal Yellow Chrome Yellow 5SP Indonesia Hw-iridium-blue-y5sp
Night Burner Black Yellow, orange, and red stripes/tampos, "6", orange HW logo at back Yellow/Plastic Orange Chrome PR5 DVF99 Indonesia Base code(s): K19 Mega-Thrust-o
Duel Fueler Metalflake Magenta Yellow, white and blue stripes, HW logo, "Manfred 3" White/Plastic White Black OH5 with Yellow Rims indonesia 2017 Duel Fueler Super Ultimate Garage 5 pack
Fast Fish White light and dark Green tampos, HW logo, "55", "Jb" Green
Clear Green Black Yellow Y5 Indonesia Base code(s): L03 2017 Fast Fish Super Ultimae Garage 5 pack