Debut Series AcceleRacers
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Nathan Proch
Number G8093
Synkro (Orange plastic body, orange spoiler)


Synkro is a Hot Wheels original design. This car was driven by Nolo Pasaro (and formerly by Tone Pasaro) in Acceleracers. It was

Synkro from Hot Wheels AcceleRacers

destroyed when Nolo's brother, Tone crashed. After it was rebuilt, it was dismantled by a Sweeper and RD-02 in the Metro Realm. Like any Teku car, Synkro has HID headlamps, speakers, and glossy, metal-flaked paint. This car has 3 sub woofers and 3 tweeters. Synkro has a 500hp fuel injected twin turbocharged rotary engine with BOV valves with an intercooler pushing 620ft/lb of torque to the 7 speed transmission which is synchronized in a straight line (Nolo shifted up by pushing the shifter forward and down-shifted by pulling the shifter backwards) this is what gave Synkro it's name. The 7-speed transmission and engine is what gives gives Synkro a top speed of 273 mph in 10.3 seconds. The oil filter and turbo is shown above the hood. The cockpit has a computer on the dashboard. This car has a carbon fiber body with coilovers and an aluminum monocoque chassis with 20" wheels hooked with carbon ceramic 19" ABS brakes with 8 piston calipers, allowing Synkro to stop on a dime. Like all Teku cars, this car has blue colored underglow neon. The car has 35 series rubber tires. The stereo sends 128 bit sound quality.

Starting with the 2016 No 2. Track Builder 5-Pack, the spoiler is no longer flexible and is part of the car, but in some versions, the spoiler can be back in its original version


The Synkro has been released in the following versions:

Coll # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
- 2005 AcceleRacers Teku #3 Orange w/ Orange wing Black, White & Blue designs on sides Unpainted / Metal Blue Chrome CM6 G8093 Malaysia Synkro (Orange plastic body, orange spoiler)
- 2005 AcceleRacers Teku #3 Orange w / Black wing Black, White & Blue designs on sides Unpainted / Metal Blue Chrome CM6 G8093 Malaysia TekuSynkro
- 2005 AcceleRacers Starter Set Clear Green w/ Green wing Black, White & Blue designs on sides Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Chrome CM6 G8728 Malaysia Synkro (Green body with logos on windshields)
- 2006 AcceleRacers - Team Colors Blue w/ Orange wing Black & Orange Unpainted / Metal Orange Chrome CM6 K3284 Malaysia Playable vehicle in Hot Wheels: Beat That! (DS verson) SynkroTCBlue
- 2006 Ultimate Track 3-Pack Metalflake Green w/ Black wing Black & White Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome CM6 J3558 Malaysia SynkroJ3558
- 2006 Holiday Hot Rods Satin Light Green w/Gray wing No tampos Unpainted / Metal Green Tint Gray LW L1192 Malaysia SynkroHHotRF
5pk 2008 Trick Tracks Chrome w/ Black wing Brown and Orange Unpainted / Metal Orange tint Grey Chrome Orange PR5 L9971 Thailand 101 0147
063 2009 Track Stars
Red w/ black wing Yellow, Black & Gold Unpainted metal Tinted Chrome Red-Rim, Black OH5 P2383 Malaysia New in Mainline Syncro
239 (USA)
7/20 (INTL)
2011 HW Video Game Heroes
Clear Purple Yellow, White, & Silver tampos, '5' on sides & hood Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome J5 T9782 Malaysia Released in Europe under Circuit Champions Series

Base code(s): C47

199 2012 Thrill Racers City Stunt
Clear Red w/ Black wing Yellow, Black & White Unpainted / Metal Yellow tint Chrome White PR5 V5503 Malaysia Base code(s): E22 65783136 1-Imagens-de-Hot-Wheels-Synkro
5pk 2013 Stunt Circuit Clear Blue w/ Black wing Yellow, Red, Black & White tampos & HW logos on sides White Clear Gray Clear Blue, Black Y5 X9849 Thailand Base code(s): Synkro-j
5pk 2014 Super Loop Chase Race 5-Pack Clear Yellow w/ Black wing White & black stripes, light blue checkers, & "46" on sides Metalflake Blue / Metal Clear Chrome Y5 BFB33 Thailand Base code(s): G41 SynkroBFB33
5pk 2016 Track Builder Clear Green w/ wing part of body White, Black & Silver graphics on sides, Silver "2" & "Synkro" on sides, Black & Silver HW Logo on sides. Unpainted / Metal Purple Chrome Grey rim, Black OH5 DJD27 Malaysia Base code(s): J20; New Tool SynkroDJD27
5/6 2017 Despicable Me Dark Blue Yellow stripe & 'Team Minion' on sides Yellow / Metal Tinted (Black) Grey Yellow 10SP DWF18 Thailand Base code(s): DWF18 Synkro front
5pk 2018 Justice League "THE FLASH" on sides Red Black/Metal Clear Silver FKT50 Indonesia Base Code(s): K34; New Tool Synkro-n-1


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