Debut Series Color Shifters Creatures
Produced 2010 - Present
Designer Gary Swisher
Number R1184
T-Rextroyer 2


This car is based on a Tyrannosaurus rex. Its name is a combination of "T-Rex" and "Destroyer".  The base indicates this car was originally intended to be called "Tyrannt". The name was most likely changed due to copyright reasons.


T-Rextroyer has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
- 2010 Color Shifters Creatures Purple / Red / Yellow HW logo on sides Red 5SP R1184 Thailand Base Code(s): C02 T-Rextroyer 2
- 2010 Color Shifters Creatures Brown / Purple / Blue HW logo on sides Purple 5SP R7801 Thailand Base Code(s): C30 T-Rextroyer2010 3
- 2012 Color Shifters X-Rays Red HW logo on sides Red Yellow 5SP W4113 Thailand Base Code(s): T-Rextroyer20123
220 2012 Thrill Racers Prehistoric
Red Black & Purple deco, White '18' on top Purple / Plastic Purple Chrome 5SP V5524 Malaysia Base Code(s): E30, E32 TRextroyerV5524
066 2013 HW Imagination Dino Riders
Lime Yellow & Brown stripe pattern on top Gold / Plastic Red wheel, Gold 5SP X1713 Malaysia Base Code(s): E44, E48 T-Rextroyer-2013 066 Dino Riders
066 2013 HW Imagination Dino Riders
Red Yellow & Orange stripe pattern on top Beige / Plastic Yellow & Gold Chrome 5SP X1896 Malaysia Base Code(s): F10 T-Rextroyer-2013 066 Red
5pk 2014 Street Beasts Yellow Blue & Light Blue scale tampos on top Unpainted / Metal Blue & Black 5SP BFB30 Thailand Base Code(s): G38 TRextroyerBFB30
- 2015 Color Shifters Yellow / Green / Burgundy Yellow stripes on top Unpainted / Metal Green & Black 5SP CFM31 Malaysia Base Code(s): H29 TRextroyerCFM31
250 / 250 2016 Dino Riders


Pearl Magenta Pink & Yellow scale tampos, Yellow circle flame on top Unpainted / Metal Goldenrod & Grey 5SP DHT36 Malaysia Treasure Hunts

Base Code(s): J17

2016 Mystery Models Purple Orange, Blue & Yellow scale tampos, Orange circle flame on top

Base calls it TYRANT

Orange / Plastic Chrome 5SP Malaysia Base Code(s): J33 DSCN6126
5pk 2017 Dino Riders Blue Orange & Green scale tampos Brown / Plastic Green & Black PR5 DVG03 Indonesia Base Code(s): K27 DinoHunters5PackTRextroyer
89 / 250 2019 Dino Riders
Gray Orange & Yellow scale tampos on top Brown / Plastic Yellow-rim, Orange RA6 FYC02 Malaysia Base Code(s): L42 2019 Hot Wheels T-Rextroyer
89 / 250 2019 Dino Riders
Orange Blue & White scale tampos on top Green / Plastic Yellow-rim, Green RA6 FYF45 Malaysia Base Code(s): 089 - T-Rextroyer 2nd color


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