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The T-Wrecks 5-ck (57012) was released in 2003.



The following castings were in the T-Wrecks 5-Pack (57012):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
Lakester Orange Yellow, Black & Silver tampos, stripes, dinosaur skull Silver Clear 5SP China Lakester side.jpg
Phantastique blue metalflake silver / white / silver grey tinted black 5SP China Phantastique blue t-Wrecks 5-pack 2003.JPG
Tail Dragger Black Hot Wheels Unpainted metal Foggy red tinted Tan WSP 57012 China Tail Dragger T-Wrecks 5-Pack 2003.JPG
Monte Carlo Concept Car Metallic Green Black Grey and White design on hood and bones on sides. Unpainted / Metal Clear White 5SP China

MonteCarloConcept TWreck5.JPG

Customized C3500 candy red metallic red/yellow/black black / Plastic tinted black 5sp China Customized C3500 pickup T-Wrecks 5-pack 2003.JPG