Released in 2008, the Hot Wheels Racing Series was named TEAM: Hot Wheels Racing and featured 4 Hot Wheels Cars in the Hot Wheels Race Team deco.


The Following Cars were in the TEAM: Hot Wheels Racing:

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
1 Chaparral 2D Metalflake Blue Black Clear Black OH5 Malaysia Chaparral 2D - Race Team 08
1 Chaparral 2D Metalflake Dark Blue Black / Plastic Clear Black PR5 Malaysia 2008 Chaparral 2D blue
2 Dodge Charger Stock Car Metalflake Blue Black Clear Red OH5 Malaysia Table Dodge Charger Stock Car - 6514df
3 Double Vision Metalflake Blue Black Clear N/A PR5 Malaysia Double Vision 2008
4 Nissan Silvia S15 Metalflake Blue Black Clear Red OH5 or Y5 Malaysia Nissan Silvia - Race Team 08
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