TRAP5 or Trapeziod 5-Spoke is a line of Hot Wheels Wheel Types.

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
TRAP5 TRAP5 Trapeziod 5-Spoke (at least) 2005-present
GMTRAP5 Gunmetal TRAP5 (at least) 2015-present Used on the 2015 version of the Nissan 370Z.
CRTRAP5 Chrome Red TRAP5 (at least) 2016-present Used on the 2016 version of the Renault Sport R.S. 01.
Chrome Orange TRAP5 CHTRAP5 Chrome Orange TRAP5‏ (at least) 2013 - present Used on the 2013 Bad to the Blade.
Chrome Gold TRAP5 CGTRAP5 Chrome Gold TRAP5 (at least) 2015-present Used on the 2015 '13 Hot Wheels Chevrolet Camaro Special Edition.