Hopefully this is in the right place as i am still figuring out how this site works as far as leaving messages. Signed up last night and love this place! Took a while to figure out how the lists operate when editing but i am getting the hang of it. Ive added quite a few entries to the '65 Mustang Convertible listing but no pics. I am still working on those. Would listing all the card variations be too much? I have plenty on this casting! Fb93 21:11, 10 March 2009 (UTC)

As far as variations go, it's generally the variations of the cars that get noted here, not necessarily the card variations. But, if you have a few variant cards, feel free to post them in the Gallery section below the table and note it as a variant. We don't have a place for these kinds of things in the tables, but it's nice to know about them. So, post any images you have of them in the Gallery section. Good work so far. You might have noticed that a lot of the Mustangs on this page are my pictures. I love this casting, too! I've been meaning to photograph a couple others and get them uploaded, but time just seems to get away from me these days. Welcome aboard! Feel free to direct any questions you might have to me here or if it's something sensitive and you don't want it clogging up the wiki here, just e-mail me. I think my e-mail address is posted somewhere around here. HaarFager 21:39, 10 March 2009 (UTC)
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