I remember seein this conversation and immediately thought it would be cool to include it somewhere in the wiki - drats! Brad beat me to it.

But I also thought it would be cool to see a link back, as reference/citation? Couldn't figure out a really good way and then forgot.

Dave your edit reminded me that I forgot.

I've done this elsewhere, but got little feedback on it as a good or bad idea. ranugad 14:40, May 16, 2010 (UTC)

When i first read the thread i thought it was great that a designer took the time to comment, and give a little insight to a car that he designed! Sinnin 06:11, May 17, 2010 (UTC)

Designer weighs in

Glad you guys found this one. It was snuck into the line, right past the 'New Models' and went straight into the Eggsclusives section of Walmart - due to 'tooling' timing and politics of mix selections. I was hoping we could get this into the New Models, but since it was more 'kid' than collector, it became an easter car. I did this one being inspired by old Bugatti open wheeled racers, particularly the Bugatti Type 35 - with the signature boattail design. This is a retro future version of those old racers, with a couple NOS tanks thrown in for good measure. The 'Wild Hare' graphics were added once the car was chosen to be an Easter car, luckily I was able to throw the graphics on as well. Hope you enjoy! It's a pretty wacky original, and I wasn't sure if collectors would like it. Glad someone posted these, many thanks jmsmith46!!! -HWC Josh

at Hot Wheels Collectors dot com

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I wish we had stories like this for all the castings. It would really make some of these pages interesting to read and give another element to the wiki. BigBadBrad01 01:19, May 18, 2010 (UTC)

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