As laboriously fixed the categories for all the 03 first editions I come across this anomaly, the page is titled Ford Lightning while in the 03 line it was called Ford F-150 ('Tooned) I know very little about this casting as it's not one I like or paid attention to in the past

In what regard do you hold it as an "anomaly"? It was introduced in 2003 as Ford lightning Col #50.After initial 2003 introduction as Ford lightning,it has been relegated mostly to 5 packs

With the exception of 2007 when it arrived as a Fright car Halloween issue on a card as wll as a five Pack.Physically it resembles a Tooned vehicle.However I haven,t been able to find any direct referral as Tooned.Regardless of your personal preferences.STDC Refers to it as Ford F-150.Hot Wheels refers to it as Ford Lightning.Apparently the Tooned parenthetical reference was based on physical observation rather than actual fact. Pirate4722 16:34, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

It says 2003 First Editions F-150 and gives series Number,No Tooned.As i said above.It was either a personal observation.Or misinformation from another source.

Pirate4722 17:24, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

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