I think the biggest problem with this page is that we are dealing with three different castings now.

Before you guys hacked it, I was gonna acutally split it up like some of the other pages had to be done when stuff was dramatically changed.

Raise your hand if you know about the two different rear end La Troca's, is it mentioned here? no, How bout south texas... uh uh. It's at HWC in Romero's lists though. And it was definitely recorder at the Station. And I bet it's in Zarnock's guide and sooner or later, Tomart's (long time between publication)

do we keep in strict year order, break up by casting, and if we do, what about when they go back, like they did with 69 custom chevy! Which I'm still missing many and the guide is short too.

ranugad 08:43, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

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