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Hot Wheels has teamed up with Target since 2000 to bring to the Hot Wheels Collector, Target Exclusives. Those Exclusives variations from Single Carded Series, and Gift Sets. Below are links going to those the pages, that will show a more detailed list of Hot Weels called Target Exclusives by Series. Target Exclusives are like Wal-Mart Excluxives, but sometimes share the same series of Hot Wheels, the only difference are the color variations, and mostly Gift Sets.

Target Exclusives by Series


2002 Hot Wheels Originals 2006

  • Retro 2006-2007

(Targets) 2006 Flying Customs, 2006 Super Chromes, 2006 Lowriders, 2007 Flying Customs, 2007 Super Chromes, 2007 Super Chromes 10-Pack (Exclusive Tin Box) Single Carded 2007 ,

2007 Target Track Stars Cards - 2007 Track Stars , 2007 Hot Wheels Racing , 2007 X-Raycers , 2007 Code Cars

First Year for the Holiday Hot Rods 3 pack

2008 Trick Track Cards - 2008 Track Stars

Red Edition - first released in 2017

Target Gift Sets

  • Target Hot Nights Drive-In Set (1999)

At-A-Tude Promo

Year Toy # Casting Name Color Tampos Wheel Type Notes Photo
1999 26223 At-A-Tude White Yellow & Red Flames, Target Logo and 'Drive Into The Millenium' on sides, Hot Wheels logo on trunk RR At-A-Tude-d.jpg