In 2011 Hot Wheels has gathered the best drivers from around the world to create an 'ultimate' stunt team. They are known racers and stunt drivers who are being kept hidden under their helmets as they do amazing stunts.

The first big stunt was called Fearless at the 500 where Tanner Foust jumped a RSP Pro2 Truck 302 feet for a new world record. The track he ran was built to look just like the orange stunt track we are all so familiar with.

In honor of Team Hot Wheels, a special line has come out that has special box deco of Team Hot Wheels. This is the Commemorative 20-Pack - Product #X3217. There are actually a few variations of this 20-pack, with some of the cars making it in different packs. One that is for sure in all packs is the replica of the jump truck in a special window all it's own.

The cars in the set range from very current models to some from the 80s. It can be a hit and miss with collectors for what they are looking for in their collection, but most are race themed cars and trucks. There are only four cars in this set that are not new paint versions (Off Track, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Pony Up, and Maelstrom).

Version #1

Model Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo

Off Track

White Team Hot Wheels Deco Black/ Metal Clear Chrome BPR5 Malaysia

Toyota Celica

Metallic Lime Green

Black/Orange Deco

Black/ Plastic Yellow Tint Black Orangeline PR5 Malaysia
Dodge M80 Metalic Green Light Green/ Brown Sides Chrome/ Plastic Clear Black PR5 Malaysia

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Metallic White Headlights/ Taillights "GT3 RS" Black/ Plastic Grey Tint Black RPR5 Malaysia

Buzz Off

Orange Blue/White Star Unpainted Metal Light Blue Tint


5SP Malaysia
GT-03 Metallic Pink Black Tampo Chrome/ Plastic Grey Tint


PR5 Malaysia
Porsche Cayman S Metallic Blue Headlights/ Taillights Grey/ Plastic Clear Black OH5 Malaysia
CUL8R Flat Black Side Flames Orange/ Metal Red Tint Gold Goldline PR5 Malaysia
Custom Cougar


Silver/ Orange Tampo Chrome/ Plastic Clear Chrome PR5 Malaysia
Silhouette II Metallic Orange Black/ White/ Silver/ Blue Tampo Black/ Plastic Light Blue Tint White OH5 Malaysia


Orange Black/ Silver Tampo Unpainted Metal none Chrome OPR5 Malaysia
Porsche Carrera GT Metallic Grey Headlights/ Taillights/ Badges Black/ Plastic Clear Burgundy PR5 Malaysia
Chaparral 2D White Orange Stripes '2' Black/ Plastic Light Blue Tint Grey LW Malaysia
Sweet 16 II Metallic Purple Black/ White Flames '16' Unpainted Metal

Grey Tint

White 5SP Malaysia
Pony-Up Yellow Sponsors '20' Black/ Plastic Grey Tint Grey Redline PR5 Malaysia
Maelstrom Metallic Grey Orange/ Yellow/ Blue Side Tampo

Blue/ Plastic

Light Blue Tint Gold PR5 Malaysia
Dodge Charger R/T Metallic Black Black Side Tampo Siver "R/T"

Black/ Plastic

Clear Burgundy OH5 Malaysia
20PackDodge ChargerR-T
63 Corvette Stingray Metallic Red White/ Black Hood Roof Tampo Chrome/ Plastic Grey Tint unknown 5SP Malaysia
Chrysler Firepower Concept Metalllic Light Orange Grille/ Taillight Tampo Black/ Plastic

Light Blue TInt

Chrome 10SP Malaysia
Pikes Peak Celica Metallic White Orange/ Blue Racing Stripes '23' Black/ Plastic Clear Black Orange LW Malaysia

Cars from 2011/2012 line

Casting Name Series Wheel Type Photo
Honda S2000 2011 New Models PR5 Honda s2000 2011 red
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 2011 New Models PR5 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Mtflake Blue
Blvd. Bruiser 2011 New Models 5SP BLVD BRUISER PURPLE
Hammerhead 2011 New Models MC5 Image Not Available
Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2011 New Models J5 HyundaiGenesis Blue
'70 Plymouth AAR Cuda HW Street Beasts MC5 70 plymouth aar cuda 2011 magenta
Fish'd & Chip'd 2011 Heat Fleet MC5 Image Not Available
'97 Corvette 2011 Heat Fleet PR5 2011HeatFleet97CorvetteBlue
Tail Dragger 2011 Heat Fleet LW 2011PurpleTaildragger
'68 Chevy El Camino 2011 Muscle Mania MC5 Image Not Available
Dixie Challenger HW Main Street 5SP Dixie challenger 2011 black
Honda Civic Si HW Main Street 10SP 2011NightBurnerzCivicSi
Lamborghini Reventón 2011 Nightburnerz PR5 LamborghiniRevention Night Yellow
Nissan 370Z 2011 Faster Than Ever FTE2 2011FTE2Nissan370Z
Skull Crusher 2011 Thrill Racers - Cave 5SP SkullCrusher Cave
Technetium 2011 Thrill Racers - Ice PR5 Technetium Ice
Dodge Neon 2011 HW Drag Racers 5SP DodgeNeon Drag Green
Fast FeLion 2011 Track Stars PR5 IMG 6877
Ford GT LM 2011 Thrill Racers - Raceway 10SP Ford GT (800x600)
2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car 2012 New Models LW Image Not Available
'67 Chevelle SS 396 2012 Muscle Mania - GM 5SP 2012-67ChevelleSS396-Green
'70 Chevelle SS 2012 HW Racing 2012 PR5 70 chevelle ss 2012 blue
C6 Corvette 2012 Code Cars 10SP C6 corvette 2012 silver
Fangula 2012 Code Cars SK5, J5 Fangula .240 2012 HW Code Cars
Prototype H-24 2012 Thrill Racers - Race Course PR5 2012-PrototypeH24-Blue

Other cars and bonus

10-packs, 3-packs

Casting Name Color Wheel Type Photo
Cadillac Cien Metallic Red 10SP CadillacCien 10Pack
I Candy Yellow 5SP I Candy 10PK
Lotus Project M250]] Pearl White PR5 LotusM250 10Pack
MX48 Turbo Metallic Green OH5 MX48 10Pack
Qombee Metallic Light Purple PR5 Qombee 10Pack
Rapid Transit Black MC5 RapidTransit 10Pack
Road Cannibal Metallic Blue MC5 DSCN2391
Shredster from 2006 Mainline, but Red PR5 Shedster
Avant Garde from 2009 New Models, but Red OH5 Avant Garde 10 pack
Yur So Fast White, from 2010 New Models J5 YurSoFast White
Circle Tracker Metalflake Blue PR5 Circle Tracker.2012 Blue
Midnight Otto Metallic Blue 5SP 100 7000
'99 Mustang Yellow PR5 '99 Mustang.2012 3-Pack
Volkswagen New Beetle Cup Metallic Blue 10SP Volkswagen New Beetle Cup.2012 3-Pack
Camaro Convertible Blue 5SP Camaro 95 CIMG1636
Humvee Dark Grey OR6SP HWGrayV4911
Formul8r Red 10SP Formul8r.2012 3-Pack
'08 Viper SRT10 ACR Yellow OH5 '08 Viper SRT10 ACR.2012 Yellow
GM Chevroletor Purple OH5 GM Chevroletor 10 pack
'64 Chevy Impala Green LW '64 Impala.2012 Hot Wheels 3-Pack
Croc Rod Green OH5 Croc Rod .2012 3-Pack
Volkswagen Golf GTI Black OH5 Volkswagen Golf GTI.3-Pack 2012
Dodge Power Wagon Brown OR5SP Dodge Power Wagon.3-Pack 2012
Bye Focal II from 2010 New Models, but Red and Yellow OH5 Bye Focal II.2012 3-Pack
2005 Ford Mustang GT Black PR5 2005 Ford Mustang GT.2012 3-Pack
Custom '53 Cadillac Brown 5SP Custom '53 Cadillac.2012 3-Pack
La Fasta Metalflake Purple PR5 La Fasta.2012 3-Pack
RD-10 Red OH5 HNI 0028
Ultra Rage Green OH5 DSCF0139
Dodge Charger Stock Car Red, from 2010 Race World Speedway PR5 Dodge Charger Stock Car Red
VW SP-2 White 5SP HW 2012 10 pack VW SP2
Dodge Charger SRT8 White OH5 HW 2012 10 pack Dodge Charger SRT8
Bassline Blue PR5 DSCF0136
'40 Ford Purple 5SP DSCF0147
Acura HSC Concept Purple 5SP DSCF0144
'40 Ford Convertible Green 5SP Image Not Available
2001 Mini Cooper Yellow 5SP Image Not Available
Classic Cobra Blue 5SP Image Not Available
Hummer H3T Concept Black OR5 Image Not Available
Sinistra Gold PR5 Image Not Available
Super Stinger Green PR5 Image Not Available
RD-08 Gold OR5SP Image Not Available
Power Pistons Transparent Blue w/ orange flames and orange tint Orange OH5 Image Not Available
Bedlam Black, Police Image Not Available
Mega-Duty Red Image Not Available
GP-2009 Gold LW Image Not Available
Ford Shelby Cobra Concept Blue PR5 Image Not Available
'62 Ford Mustang Concept Metallic Dark Red 5SP Image Not Available
Ettorium Orange OH5 Image Not Available
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