In 2011 Hot Wheels has gathered the best drivers from around the world to create an 'ultimate' stunt team. They are known racers and stunt drivers who are being kept hidden under their helmets as they do amazing stunts.

The first big stunt was called Fearless at the 500 where Tanner Foust jumped a RSP Pro2 Truck 302 feet for a new world record. The track he ran was built to look just like the orange stunt track we are all so familiar with.

In honor of Team Hot Wheels, a special line has come out that has special box deco of Team Hot Wheels. This is the Commemorative 20-Pack - Product #X3217. There are actually a few variations of this 20-pack, with some of the cars making it in different packs. One that is for sure in all packs is the replica of the jump truck in a special window all it's own.

The cars in the set range from very current models to some from the 80s.

Exclusive Model

Model Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo

Off Track

White Team Hot Wheels Deco Black/ Metal Clear Chrome BPR5 Malaysia
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