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Debut Series AcceleRacers
Produced 2005 - 2015
Designer Sam Brown
Number G8126
Mystery Car Technetium - 6513df.jpg


This design came courteously of University of Cincinnati intern, Sam Brown. Brown is currently a concept artist for 343 Industries.

In AcceleRacers, the car is powered by a 2.5-liter, 423-hp inline 4 carbon block engine that is turbo and supercharged. The vehicle also has satellite computer autopilot capabilities. Other information remains unclear.


The Technetium has been released in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
2005 AcceleRacers - Silencerz #9 Gray No tampos CM6 G8126 Malaysia 2005accrtechnetium (2).jpg
2007 Holiday Hot Rods Satin Green No tampos Unpainted / Metal Chrome 10SP M3090 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive Technetium-c.jpg
2007 Holiday Hot Rods Satin Red No tampos Unpainted / Metal Smoke Chrome 10SP M7625 Thailand Target Exclusive, Holiday Hot Rods 3-Pk Technetium 2007 Target Holiday Hot Rods.jpg
196 2008 Mystery Cars
Metalflake Dark Teal Red, Gold and Silver tampos on sides, "Technetium", "15" Unpainted / Metal Yellow tint Chrome OH5 M6943 Malaysia Mystery Car Technetium - 6513df.jpg
2009 Triple Launch Jump Black Red, Gold and Silver tampos on sides, "Technetium", "15" Black Red Tint Chrome OH5 N8500 Malaysia Technetium black.jpg
2009 Race Aces Blue Chrome Green, white, and black tampos and '10' on sides and roof Black Red Tint Orange White 10SP P3506 Malaysia Image Not Available.jpg
198 2011 Thrill Racers Ice
Pearl White Dark & Light Blue, Orange & White tampos, "27", "Technetium" Satin Black / Metal Blue tint Chrome Clear Blue, PR5 T9905 Malaysia Named Technitium
Base Code(s): D14, D18
Technetium Ice.JPG
- 2012 Light Speeders Blue Black Stripe, Light Speeders logo on side. Unpainted  / Metal Yellow Tint Chrome OH5 W3849 Thailand Base Code(s): E03 LightSpeedersTechnetium.jpg
2014 Multipacks Exclusive Yellow Dark Purple, White, and Black tampos, "27" "Technetium" Black / Metal Purple PR5 G8126 Malaysia Base code(s): G06 Technetium-h (1).jpg
2014 High-Speed Wheels Track Stars Chrome Blue, Red, Yellow Decals and a Hot Wheels logo on the side Red / Metal Red Tint Chrome HSW BDW38 Thailand Base code(s):  Image Not Available.jpg
5pk 2015 Nitrobot Attack Green Light Green, Yellow, and Hot Wheels Logos tampos, "Technetium" Metalflake Silver / Plastic Yellow Chrome Gold PR5 CDT15 Thailand

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Base code(s): H31, H41