Debut Series New Models
Produced 2010 - Present
Designer Alton Takeyasu
Number R0943
P1060887b 1000


The Teegray was based on a mid-engined supercar body style. With twin roof-mounted ear-shaped scoops and air intakes in the side stripes, this mid-engine exotic goes feline fast!


The Teegray has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
026 (USA) / 028 (Int.) 2010 New Models
Black Orange stripes and "Teegray" on front Unpainted / Metal Tinted Orange Orange-chrome rim, Black PR5 R0943 Malaysia Base code(s): P1060887b 1000
026 (USA) / 028 (Int.) 2010 New Models
Pearl White Black stripes outlined in Silver and "Teegray" on front, headlights Unpainted / Metal Clear Black 10SP R0943 Malaysia Base code(s): C09, C10, C15, C17 Teegray new white
5pk 2011 HW Exotics Yellow Black Zig-Zag Unpainted / Metal Tinted Gray Chrome-Rim, Black OH5 T8641 Thailand Base code(s): D34 Tee Gray - HW Exotics 5
239 2012 HW Code Cars
Purple White and Silver Zig-Zag Metalflake Grey / Metal Tinted Tan 10SP V5543 Malaysia Base code(s): E32 E40

Also included in Wall Tracks: Switchback Slider

Teegray-2012 239 Code Cars
2013 3-Pack Blue Orange stripes and "Teegray" on front Unpainted / Metal Purple Tint Orange-chrome rim, Black PR5 Malaysia Base code(s): F10 Teegray-2013 3-Pack
5pk 2015 Nitrobot Attack Gray Yellow Lightning Bolts Black / Metal Yellow Black Black, Yellow 10SP CDT15 Thailand Base code(s): H32, H26 20160424 002913
036 / 250 2016 Super Chromes
Chrome Green & Light Green stripes on sides Black / Metal Tinted (Green) Black Gold & Green Y5 DHP64 Malaysia Base code(s): H49 Teegray 2016 1
036 / 250 2016 Super Chromes
Chrome Gold Red & Dark Red stripes on sides Matte Black / Metal Tinted (Red) Black Black & Red Y5 DHW57 Malaysia Base code(s): Teegray 2016 2
2017 Mystery Models Lime Red White and Black tampo Satin Gold / Metal Tinted (red) Black PR5

Chrome Edge

DYL54 Malaysia Base Code(s) K30 Teegray-o
- 2017 Multipacks Exclusive Brick Red Yellow & Orange designs on sides & hood Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Yellow) Grey PR5 w/ Yellow rims X6999 Malaysia Base code(s): K15, K32 X6999TeegrayBrkRed
2017 Spider-Man Homecoming Red Black Webing Unpainted/ Metal Tinted (red) Chrome Chrome Red OH5 DWD18 Thialand Base Code(s): K17 DWD18 L
N/A 2018 Multi-Pack Exclusive Aqua Blue Orange & White Stripes on side and hood Unpainted/ Metal Tinted (Aqua) Grey Chrome Green Rim PR5 Malaysia Base code(s): K46, K50 HW TEEGRAY MULTI2018 BLUE
9 2018 Mystery Models Black Orange & Yellow Stripes on side and hood Yellow / Metal Tinted (Purple) Gray Black (Chrome Purple Rim) MC5 (Muscle) Y8127 Malaysia Base code(s): L35 Teegray2018mystery


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