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Terence A. Choy is a former Hot Wheels designer who designed for the company from at least the 1980s up until the mid-2000s. He was a Mattel designer and production supervisor for over 20 years and worked on the Simpsons in addition to his Hot Wheels portfolio. He was a designer for some of the vehicles for an ill-fated He Man movie, alongside a number of other Hot Wheels designers.

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
1995 Power Pistons 1995 Hot Wheels 5/12 13343
Power Pistons Red5sp.JPG
1996 Road Rocket 1996 First Editions 7/12 14911
Road Rocket GrnBluLW.JPG
2003 1989 Batmobile Dream Halloween - B5991
2004 Batmobile (Batman & Robin) Showcase: Batman - G5513
Bat - 1997 - 04 100%.jpg
2004 Batmobile (Batman Forever) Showcase: Batman - G5512
Bat - 1995 - 04 100%.jpg
2004 Batmobile (Shields Up) Batman Shields Up 2-Car Set - B5991
Shields Up and Batmobile 2004.jpg
2005 Piledriver AcceleRacers: Metal Maniacs 2/9 G8104
Piledriver 2005 24.jpg

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