The Hot Ones line is a throw back to the classic cars of Mattel's line-up.

Released in 1981, the original "The Hot Ones (1981)" was a series of cars with a new wheel and axle design that allowed the cars to go faster than those of the previous few years. The '70's saw many cost cutting measures to keep Mattel from going bankrupt, which included the thick straight axle design. These cars were much slower than the older models with delrin bearings.

Mattel then brought them out of retirement in mid 2011. The Hot Ones line was renewed for 2012.  The wheels in this new series differ slightly from the original Black Walls of the late '70s and 80s.  


There were 50 cars in the series, plus some chase versions featuring Red or White Line "The Hot Ones" Wheels.

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Variations/Notes Photo
W1540 '80s Pontiac Firebird Dark Orange Gold HO 2011how1540.jpg
W1541 '84 Pontiac Fiero 2M4 Red Gold HO 2011how1541.jpg
W1542 Ferrari F40 Metalflake Dark Blue Gold HO Hot Ones F40.jpg
W1543 Montezooma Purple 2011 Hot Ones - Montezooma.jpg
W1544 '84 Pontiac Grand Prix Metalflake Gray Hot Ones '84 Pontiac.jpg
W1545 Jeep Scrambler Black 5SP 2011how1545.jpg
W1546 '40's Woodie Fluorescent Orange BW 40sWoody HotOnes Orange.JPG
W1546 '40's Woodie Fluorescent Orange The Hot Ones RL Chase 40sWoody HotOnes OrangeChase.JPG
W1547 '65 Mustang Convertible Metalflake Black 2011 Hot Ones - 65 Ford Mustang.jpg
W1548 Ferrari 308 GTS Red Gold BW 2011 Hot Ones - Ferrari 308 GTS.jpg
W1549 Sol-Aire CX4 Metalflake Purple Gold HO 2011how1549.jpg
W1549 Sol-Aire CX4 Metalflake Purple The Hot Ones WL Chase Solare CX-4 .Purple The Hot Ones Back Lifted.JPG
W1550 El Rey Special Metalflake Dark Green HO 2011how1550.jpg
W1551 '78 AMC Packin' Pacer White Gold HO 2011how1551.jpg
W1552 Lamborghini Countach Red 2011 Hot Ones - Lamborghini Countach.jpg
W1553 3-Window '34 Ford Metalflake Grey BW 3Window HotOnes Grey.JPG
W1553 3-Window '34 Ford Metalflake Gray The Hot Ones RL Chase Image Not Available.jpg
W1554 Side Kick Purple BW Side Kick-2011 Hot Ones.jpg
W1555 '57 Chevy Metalflake Dark Red BW Base codes: D18 57Chevy HotOnes Red.JPG
W1556 Baja Breaker Dark Blue 2011 the hotones baja breaker.jpg
W1557 Neet Streeter Metalflake Teal Blue BW NeetStreeter HotOnes Teal.JPG
W1557 Neet Streeter Metalflake Teal Blue The Hot Ones, White Line BW Chase Image Not Available.jpg
W1558 Fat Fendered '40 Metalflake Blue BW FatFendered40 HotOnes Blue.JPG
W1559 Twin Mill Brown 2011 Hot Ones - Twin Mill.jpg
W1560 Spoiler Sport Metalflake Black Gold HO Spoiler Sport Hot Ones - 00038df.jpg
W1561 Porsche 917 Metalflake Red BW 2011TheHotOnes-Porsche917.jpg
W1562 Sunagon Metalflake Light Green IMG 2125c 1000.jpg
W1563 Speed Seeker Lime Green HO 2011how1563.jpg
W1564 '77 Plymouth Arrow Blue 2012 Hot Ones - Plymouth Arrow Funny Car.jpg
W1565 '32 Ford Sedan Delivery Light Green & Gold 2011how1565.jpg
W1566 Volkswagen Beetle Blue 2011 Hot Ones - Volkswagen Beetle.jpg
W1567 Second Wind Black Chase 2012 Hot Ones - Second Wind (Chase).jpg
W1568 Sting Rod Metalflake Silver CT 2011TheHotOnes-StingRod-Silver.jpg
W1569 Combat Medic Metalflake Pearl Yellow BW Delivery HotOnes Yellow.JPG
W1570 Steam Roller Red 2012 Hot Ones - Steam Roller.jpg
W1571 '71 Mustang Red Hot Ones '71 Mustang.jpg
W1572 Custom '77 Dodge Van Silver 2011 Hot Ones - Custom 77 Dodge Van.jpg
W1573 '80 Chevrolet El Camino Yellow 2011 Hot Ones - 80 Chevrolet El Camino.jpg
W1574 Roll Patrol 2011 Hot Ones - Roll Patrol.jpg
W1575 Aeroflash Sliver 2012 Hot Ones - Aeroflash.jpg
W1576 '70s Van Pearl Fuschia BW Base codes: D18 SuperVan HotOnes Pink.JPG
W1577 Shadow Jet 2011 Hot Ones - Shadow Jet.jpg
W1578 '86 Chevy Monte Carlo SS White 2011 Hot Ones - Monte Carlo SS.jpg
W1579 Buick Grand National Metalflake Yellow Gold HO 2011how1579.jpg
W1580 Bubble Gunner White 2012 Hot Ones - Bubble Gunner.jpg
W1581 Alive '55 Grey 2012 Hot Ones - Alive 55.jpg
W1582 Lotus Esprit Metallic Gold Gold HO LotusEspirit.jpg
W1583 '70s Camaro Z28 Metalflake Pearl White BW Base codes: D18 Z28 HotOnes White.JPG
W1584 Street Rodder Dark Blue The Hot Ones RL Chase 2012 Hot Ones - Street Rodder.jpg
W1585 Ferrari 288 GTO Red BW Ferrari GTO-2011 The Hot Ones.jpg
W1586 Zombot Blue 2011 Hot Ones - Zombot.jpg
W1587 Morris Wagon Green Morriswagonhotones.jpg
W1588 Pontiac Banshee Green Chrome HO 2011 Hot Ones - Pontiac Banshee.jpg
W1588 Pontiac Banshee Green The Hot Ones RL Chase G22 Hot Wheels Pontiac Banshee 2011 Hot Ones Chase (1).JPG
W1589 Ferrari 512M Metalflake Yellow BW The Hot Ones Ferrari 512 Yellow.jpg

2011 Hot Ones Weekend Machines Set

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Variations/Notes Photo
W3697 Sunagon Metalflake light green BW Also released in card Sunagon-2011 Hot Ones 6-Pack.jpg
W3697 Spoiler Sport Metalflake Purple GHO 6-Packs Exclusive Spoiler Sport-2011 Hot Ones 6-Pack.jpg
W3697 '80 Chevy El Camino Orange BW 6-Packs Exclusive '80 Chevy El Camino-2011 Hot Ones 6-Pack.jpg
W3697 '70s Van Metalflake Dark Blue BW 6-Packs Exclusive '70s Van-2011 Hot Ones 6-Pack.jpg
W3697 Combat Medic Metalflake Yellow BW Also released in card Combat Medic-2011 Hot Ones 6-Pack.jpg
W3697 Baja Breaker Unpainted / Metal 5SP 6-Packs Exclusive Baja Breaker-2011 Hot Ones 6-Pack.jpg

2011 Hot Ones Classic Machines Set

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Variations/Notes Photo
W3702 Fat Fendered '40 Metalflake Blue BW Also released in card '40's Ford 2-Door 6pack 2011.jpg
W3702 Street Rodder Yellow BW 6-Packs Exclusive Street Rodder 6 pack 2011.jpg
W3702 3-Window '34 Metalflake Dark Grey BW Also released in card 3-Window '34 6 pack 2011.jpg
W3702 Volkswagen Beetle Metalflake Dark Red GHO 6-Packs Exclusive Volkswagen 6 pack 2011.jpg
W3702 '65 Mustang Convertible Pearl White BW 6-Packs Exclusive '65 Mustang Convertible 6 pack 2011.jpg
W3702 '40s Woodie Metalflake Grey BW 6-Packs Exclusive '40's Woodie 6 pack 2011.jpg


Here are the cars featured in the 2012 edition of the line.

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Variations/Notes Photo
W3774 '87 Toyota Red New Tool Xs.jpg
W3775 '76 Chevy Monza White BW New Tool '76 Chevy Monza-2012 The Hot Ones.jpg
W3776 '85 Honda CR-X Red & Chrome Gold UH New Tool Honda CR-X - 12HotOnes.JPG
W3777 '84 Mustang SVO Silver New Tool 2012 Hot Ones - 84 Mustang SVO.jpg
W3778 '84 Hurst Olds Silver BW New Tool The hot ones hurst olds.jpg
W3779 '86 Ford Thunderbird Pro Stock White New Tool 2012 Hot Ones - 86 Ford Thunderbird Pro Stock.jpg
W3780 Yamaha VMax Silver & Black 2012 Hot Ones - Yamaha VMax.jpg
W3781 Subaru B.R.A.T. Orange New Tool 2012 Hot Ones - Subaru BRAT.jpg
W3782 Baja Bug Purple 2012 Hot Ones - Volkswagen Baja Beetle.jpg
W3783 442 Much Blue HO IMG 3075c 1000.jpg
W3784 GT Racer White 2012 Hot Ones - GT Racer.jpg
W3785 El Rey Special Black 2012 Hot Ones - El Rey Special.jpg
W3786 Meyers Manx Orange BW IMG 3080c 1000.jpg
W3787 BMW M1 White UH IMG 3208c1000.jpg
W3788 '29 Ford Pickup White Red BW 20181230 021231.jpg
W3789 Hot Bird Yellow BW 2012 Hot Ones - Hot Bird.jpg
W3790 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Teal 2012 Hot Ones - Shelby Cobra 427 SC.jpg
W3791 Sting Rod Green Green CT 2012 the hot ones sting rod green.jpg.jpg
W3792 '83 Chevy Silverado Blue BW The Hot Ones '83 Chevy Silverado.jpg
W3793 Plymouth Arrow Funny Car White BW U6.jpg
W3794 Large and in Charger Metalflake Magenta BW 2012 Hot Ones - Large And In Charger.jpg
W3795 Dumpin' A Red BW New Tool 2012-THO-DumpinA-Red.jpg
W3796 '80's Corvette Metalflake Grey UH 2012 Hot Ones - 80s Corvette.jpg
W3797 '78 Corvette Funny Car Lime Green BW CORVETTE 01.jpg
W3798 Ford GT-40 Orange BW IMG 1332.jpg
W3799 Long Gone Metalflake Dark Red HO Made in Thailand Long gone 2012 red.jpg
W3800 '56 Chevy Metalflake Dark Blue BW 56 Chevy Hot oNES.jpg
W3801 Porsche 917 Yellow HO 2012-THO-Porsche917-Yellow.jpg
W3803 Backwoods Bomb Metalflake Green HO Backwoods bomb 2012 green.jpg
W3804 '71 Mustang Mach I Pink 2012 Hot Ones - 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 b.jpg
W3805 Show Hoss Mustang II Metalflake Dark Yellow BW Retooled

Base code(s): E25

2012 Hot Ones - Show Hoss Mustang 2.jpg
W3806 Sunagon Purple 2012 Hot Ones - Sunagun b.jpg
W3807 Hare Splitter Blue 2012 Hot Ones - Hare Splitter.jpg
W3808 Spoiler Sport Satin Lime BW Spoiler Sport-2012 Hot Ones Satin Lime.jpg
W3809 Blazer 4x4 Black 2012 Hot Ones - Blazer 4x4.jpg
W3810 Porsche 930 Yellow 2012 Hot Ones - Porsche 930.jpg
W3811 '73 Ford Gran Torino Metalflake Dark Blue BW New Tool 2012 Hot Ones - 73 Ford Gran Torino.jpg
W3812 '80s Firebird Blue 2012 Hot Ones - 80s Pontiac Firebird b.jpg
W3813 Bubble Gunner Pearl Pink BW Bubble Gunner-2012 Hot Ones.jpg
W3814 Dumpin' A Metalflake Brown Gold HO New Tool Dumpin' A-2012 The Hot Ones Brown.jpg
W3815 Cadillac Seville White 2012 Hot Ones - Cadillac Seville.jpg
W3816 '80 Chevy El Camino Yellow Gold BW 80 Chevy El Camino.jpg
W3817 '63 Corvette Tellow 2012 Hot Ones - 63 Corvette.jpg
W3818 Ferrari GTO Black 2012 Hot Ones - Ferrari GTO.jpg
W3819 Dodge Rampage Purple Retooled 2012 Hot Ones - 1982 Dodge Rampage.jpg
W3820 Morris Wagon White & Red 2012 Hot Ones - Morris Wagon b.jpg
W3821 Roll Patrol Pearl White CT Roll Patrol-2012 Hot Ones.jpg
W3822 Spoiler Sport Metalflake Teal UH Base code(s): E29 Spoiler Sport-2012 Hot Ones Metalflake Turquesa.jpg
W3823 '82 Supra Black HO 2012 Hot Ones - 82 Toyota Supra.jpg
W3823 '82 Supra Magenta HO 82 Toyota Supra (W3823).JPG
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