Series 1

Col # Toy # Casting Name Color Tampos Wheel Type Notes Photo - Car Photo - Card
1/8 GBB89 Morris Mini Light Blue Peace & Loveon the doors, Peace Symbol on the roof, flowers behind all Gold BW Base code(s): L47, L48, L49, L50 GBB89 Morris Mini Throwback-3 Hot Wheels 2019 Throwback Mini
2/8 GBB93 '65 Ford Mustang Blue Red & White Stripes and '6' BW Base code(s): 65 Mustang Blue 19 65 Mustang Blue 19 Card
3/8 GBB86 Custom Datsun 240Z Teal Orange & Yellow Stripes & '72' BW Base code(s): L50 Custom 240z Aqua 19 Custom 240Z Aqua 19 Card
4/8 GBB88 '86 Monte Carlo SS Light Gold Grey & Brown Stripes on sides and hood BW Base code(s): 86 Monte Carlo Gold 19 86 Monte Carlo Gold 19 Card
5/8 GBB90 '85 Honda City Turbo II Yellow Red, White & Black Stripes on sides and hood, 'Turbo II' on sides 5SP Base code(s): City Turbo 2 Yellow 19 City Turbo 2 Yellow 19 Card
6/8 GBB91 BMW E36 M3 Race White Blue & Red Stripes and '36' BW Base code(s): BMW E36 Race White 19 '94 BMW M3 GTR Throwback 2019 Card
7/8 GBB87 Bone Shaker Brown Flames and SHOOK! with eyes on the doors BW Base code(s): :L40 Bone Shacker (GBB87) (3) Bone Shaker Throwback
8/8 GBB92 Cadillac Elmiraj Light Maroon Dark red panel on side BW Base code(s): 49CE65E6-1F80-45BC-B415-6F9748B8B2AA Throwback Elmiraj

Series 2

Col # Toy # Casting Name Color Tampos Wheel Type Notes Photo - Car Photo - Card
1/8 GBC02 '55 Corvette Light Blue Red & Yellow flames with silver outline on sides and top BW 55 Corvette Blue 19 File2
2/8 GBB97 Cockney Cab II White & Blue Red & Blue stripes, "Cockney", Union Jack on side. 5SP Image Not Available 19TB202
3/8 GBB98 '64 Impala MetalFlake Teal Purple & Magenta panels with gold outline on sides & hood BW 64 Impala Teal 19 File
4/8 GBC03 '70 Camaro Orange White stripes on sides, hood & trunk BW 70 Camaro RR Orange 19 File3
5/8 GBC00 '73 Pontiac Firebird Metalflake Olive Green Black Firebird logo w/ Yellow & Red flames, White & Orange lines, White roundel 73, Red & Orange circles BW 73 Firebird Green 19 File1
6/8 GBB99 Humvee Olive Green 'Military Patrol' logo with Blue star, White stripes & Red circle on roof & sides, 'Desert Division' on sides CT Humvee Green 19 File4
7/8 GBC01 Corvette C6 Convertible Metalflake Graphite Grey Detailed headlights, Red stripes on sides & top BW C6 Corvette Conv Graphite 19
IMG 20191022 172024
8/8 GBB96 '15 Dodge Challenger SRT Metalflake Purple Black stripes with 'HEMI' on sides & hood BW 15 Challenger Purple 19 2019 Throwback 15 Challenger Card

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