The Thunder Trucks 4-Pack was a Limited Edition set of racing trucks released in 1996 that were only available at K-mart department stores.

It featured the following vehicles.

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color + Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo
Chevy 1500 Metallic Blue Red, Yellow, White, "Hot Wheels" Logo "1" Unpainted / Metal Clear White 7SP Black Malaysia Chevy 1500 RT7spBlk.JPG
Chevy 1500 Black Red, Grey, White, "CHEVROLET" "1" Unpainted / Metal Clear Red 7SP Black Malaysia Chevy 1500 Blk.JPG
Dodge Ram 1500 White Yellow, Blue, Red "01" "Kmart" logo Red / Plastic Black tint Chrome 7SP Black Malaysia Dodge Ram Kmart.JPG
Dodge Ram 1500 Metalflake Gray Black, Red "4" White "DODGE" Gray / Plastic Black tint Red 7SP Black Malaysia Dodge Ram 1500 GRY5spBlkL.JPG
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