Thunderbird Stocker
Debut Series 1984 Hot Wheels
Produced 1984 - 2013
Designer Larry Wood
Number 5900
Thunderbird Stocker Wht211.JPG


The Thunderbird Stocker was based on the 1983 Ford production model as designed for NASCAR racing. It is not to be confused with the T-Bird Stocker, a later casting which was first released in 1990, and was based on the 1990 Ford Thunderbird body style. This casting was released later as the Thunderburner and Velocitor. and often confused with the T-Bird Stocker casting but the two castings are very different. This confusion can be traced back to the original Mike Struass guide.

The Thunderbird Stocker, features the number 21 on both sides and Valvoline as its primary sponsor.


The Thunderbird Stocker has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1984 White Blue, Red and White "21" and "VALVOLINE" Racing tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome Hot Ones Gold HO 5900 Malaysia Thunderbird Stocker Wht211.JPG
2013 Retro Entertainment Stroker Ace Red White & Yellow '7' on sides & roof, 'Torkel Chicken' & 'Thunderbird' on hood, 'Chicken Pit' & race deco on sides . Unpainted / Metal Dark tint Black GoodYear White RRPrf X8920 Malaysia Base Code: F21 HW-Retro Entertainment-T Bird Stocker-Stocker Ace..jpg

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