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The "Timeless Toys" 4-Pack was a Toys"R"Us exclusive sold in 1998.
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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Toys 'R' Us, Mattel is proud to present four cool Hot Wheels cars, bearing the logos of timeless toys from your childhood - and now your children's wonder years! Throughout the generations, these enduring Mattel brands have proven to be among America's most popular toys. This highly-collectible anniversary set features a Barbie Mustang convertible, an UNO Baja Bug, a Masters of the Universe Ford F-150 pickup truck, and a Hot Wheels Way 2 Fast concept car. These special vehicles commemorate a partnership dedicated to providing timeless toys from the past, present and future generations.

Happy 50th Birthday, Toys 'R' Us!


These are the four cars in the set

Name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Photo
Baja Bug Red Purple, Yellow Whitye "The Original UNO" Unpainted / Metal N/A Purple 5SP 21131 Malaysia Baja Bug Reduno.JPG
1996 Mustang GT White Purple, Pink "Barbie" Unpainted / Metal Clear Pink 5SP 21131 China 1996 Mustang Barbi.JPG
Way 2 Fast Met. Blue 2 Large "Hot Wheels" logos on roof, flames on side, w/"Leading The Way!" Unpainted / Metal Chrome 5SP 21131 Thailand Way 2 Fast - Timeless Toys.JPG
Ford F-150 Metallic Gold Red and Black "Masters of the Universe" on sides and hood Black / Plastic Gray tint Chrome 5SP 21131 Malaysia Ford F-150 Gld.JPG

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