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The New York Toy Fair often referred to as Toy Fair by collectors is held once a year in New York. It showcases new products from a wide range of toy companies. Below is a list of castings Hot Wheels gave away as promotional pieces. Toy Fair vehicles are often very sought after since they are not sold (or even released) to the general public. These vehicles usually feature a high level of detail as well.


The following are all Toy Fair versions:

Year Casting Color Notes Photo
1975 Super Van Enamel White no side markers 75toyfair.jpg
1975 Super Van Chrome w/ side markers Image Not Available.jpg
1992 Purple Passion Gold Chrome Toy fair purple passion1.JPG
1993 '93 Camaro Chrome Toy fair 93 camaro 2.JPG
1994 The Demon Deep Blue Toy fair demon.JPG
1995 Chevy Stocker Fluorescent Yellow Toy fair chevy stocker.JPG
1996 Power Pistons Blue & White Toy fair power pistons 2.JPG
1997 Deora Blue Toy fair deora.JPG
1998 Twin Mill Burgundy 1998 Toy Fair Hot Wheels Twin Mill.jpg
1999 Ford GT-90 Black, Chrome & Blue Chrome Fordgt90toyfair.JPG
2000 Deora II Burgundy 2000 New York Toy Fair Deora II - 5565df.jpg
2001 Muscle Tone Chrome & Green Chrome Muscle Tone - 01 Toy Fair.jpg
2002 Ferrari F1GP-2009 Red Ferrari Formula 1 New York Toy Fair 2002.JPG
2002 Maelstrom Red, White & Blue Toy Fair Maelstrom.jpg
2002 MS-T Suzuka Red Toy fair mst suzuka 2.JPG
2002 Taurus Stocker Blue #99 Citgo Car Jérôme 2002 toy fair.jpg
2003 Deora II Black, Chrome, Blue Chrome & Red Chrome 2003 Toy Fair Deora II-BBB01.jpg
2003 Purple Passion Matte Black 2003 Toy Fair Hot Wheels Purple Passion.jpg
2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse Black/Orange 2004 Toy Fair Hot Wheels Mitsubishi Eclipse.jpg
2004 2 Cool Gold & Copper 2004 Toy Fair Hot Wheels 2 Cool.jpg
2005 Olds 442 Spectraflame Ice Blue Image Not Available.jpg
2005 Hollowback Satin Red Hollowback 05tf.jpg
2005 16 Angels Chrome 16 ANGELS HOT WHEELS 2006 TOY FAIR.jpg
2006 Split Decision Light Blue Toy Fair Split Decision.jpg
2007 '69 Chevy Camaro Spectraflame Red Toy Fair - 69 Camaro.jpg
2008 Custom Otto Spectraflame Green 2008 Toy Fair Hot Wheels Custom Otto.jpg
2008 Custom Otto Spectraflame Red Custom Otto - Toy Fair.jpg
2008 OCC Splitback Spectraflame Light Green 2009 Toy Fair Hot Wheels OCC Splitback.jpg
2008 Mach 5 White Mach5TF1.jpg
2009 Ferrari F512M Metalflake Pearl White Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany Ferrari 512M Nurnberg Toy Fair 2009.JPG
2009 Deora Purple Image Not Available.jpg
2010 '10 Ford Shelby GT500 Spectraflame Ice Blue 10 Shelby GT500 - 10 Toy Fair Angle.jpg
2011 '69 COPO Corvette Spectraflame Ice Blue 2011 Toy Fair Hot Wheels '69 COPO Corvette the Lamley Group boxed.JPG
2012 '12 Camaro ZL1 Spectraflame Red 340256 10150432339086133 655691132 10823048 1363187089 o.jpg
2013 Volkswagen Kool Kombi Spectraflame Yellow 2013 Toy Fair Kool Kombi the Lamley Group boxed.jpg
2016 Porsche 934 Turbo RSR Chrome Gold The 2016 Toy Fair Porsche 934 Turbo RSR the Lamley Group boxed.jpg
2017 '73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car Spectraflame Dark Blue 2016 Toy Fair Hot Wheels BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car the Lamley Group boxed.jpg
2018 Volkswagen Käfer Racer Light Blue & White Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany Volkswagen Käfer Racer 2018 Toy Fair side view.jpg
2019 '17 Nissan GT-R (R35) Matte Red R35ToyFairThumbNail.jpg
2020 '18 COPO Camaro SS Spectraflame Orange / Black w/ side markers Image Not Available.jpg
2021 Big-Air Bel-Air Spectraflame Orange Black Roof, '21' Image Not Available.jpg
2022 Porsche 935 (2021) Spectraflame Cyan Image Not Available.jpg