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Released in 2009, the Track Aces 5-Pack featured 5 castings that excel on the track. Below are the 5 castings in this 5-Pack.

Track Aces 5-Pack.JPG


The following castings were in the Track Aces 5-Pack:

Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
RD-05 Gold Chrome Painted Black Metal Light Blue Tint Gray OH5 Thailand RD-05 - 09 TA 5-pk.JPG
Iridium Chrome Unpainted Metal Blue Tint Black Gold OH5 Thailand Iridium - 09 TA 5-pk.JPG
Road Rocket Black Unpainted Metal Orange Tint Chrome Gold 10SP Thailand Road Rocket - 09 TA 5-pk.JPG
Bassline Red Unpainted Metal Yellow Tint Gold Chrome Gold OH5 Thailand Bassline - 09 TA 5-pk.JPG
Piledriver Light Green Unpainted Metal N/A Chrome Chrome PR5 Thailand Piledriver - 09 TA 5-pk.JPG

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