The Track Aces 5-Pack (CTD20) was released in 2015.



The following castings were in the Track Aces 5-Pack (CTD20):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Maelstrom Dark Blue White & Blue Tampos Yellow / Plastic Clear Chrome PR5 Thailand Base code(s): H09

2015 Maelstrom.jpg

Circle Tracker Yellow 23  and Red and Blue stripes on side Black / Plastic Blue Tint White Red Outline OH5 Thailand Base code(s): H07 2015CircleTracker5pack.jpg
Hollowback Orange 48 and Blue Diagnoal Strips on sides Unpainted / Metal Blue Tint Grey 5SP Thailand Base code(s): H03, H21 2015Hollowback5pack.jpg
Avant Garde Black Blue & White Stripes and '5' on side Blue /


Orange Tint Chrome PR5 Thailand Base code(s): H24 Avant Garde 2015 24.jpg
Flathead Fury Lime Green Black stripes, "7" on sides Black / Metal Green tint Chrome Chrome OH5 Thailand Base code(s): H22 FlatheadFuryAces.jpg

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