Track Builder is a series of Hot Wheels sets and accessories that were released in 2014.

Unlike previous Hot Wheels connectors, Track Builder connectors have a special button to help pull apart your track.

Since 2015, various non-Track Builder playsets used Track Builder track and connecters.

List of 2014 Track Builder Sets

The original line of Track Builder sets had various stunts and essentials.

  • 5-Lane Tower Starter Set with Vandetta from 2014 Race X-Raycers
  • Track Essentials Launch Pack
  • Track Essentials Curve Pack
  • Two-Speed Power Booster
  • Digital Speedometer
  • Quick Kick Loop
  • Hoop Shot
  • Daredevil Drop
  • Lift and Launch
  • Crossroad Crash
  • Sideshot Launcher
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Triple Blast Alley
  • Flip Tower
  • Exploding Shed
  • Total Turbo Takeover with High Voltage from 2014 Track Builder 5 Pack
  • Volcano Blowout
  • Stunt Barrel
  • Cannon Blaster
  • Alien Launcher
  • Crate Crash
  • Mega Pack #1 (includes 5-Lane Tower Starter Set, Track Essentials Curve Pack, Alien Launcher, Crate Crash, 5 cars, and +40 feet of track)
  • Mega Pack #2 (includes Total Turbo Takeover, Track Essentials Launch and Curve Pack, Stunt Barrel, Cannon Blaster, Alien Launcher, and Crate Crash, 4 cars, and +25 feet of track)

List of 2015 Track Builder Sets

  • Spiral Stack Up Starter Set with Nitrium 2013 Triple Track Twister 5-Pack or Howlin' Heat from 2014 City Medieval Rides
  • Track Essentials Gravity Pack
  • Track Essentials Bridge Pack
  • Fan Man
  • Auto Garage Super Drop
  • Parking Lot Mayhem
  • Glass Shop Blast
  • Volcano Blast with Off Track from 2015 Off Road Road Rally
  • Track Essentials Riser Pack
  • Busted Building
  • Parachute Shot
  • Swamp Chomp

List of 2016 Track Builder sets

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