The Track Builder 5-Pack (FYL22) was released in 2019. It contains the following vehicles:

2019 Track Builder


The following castings were in the track builder 5-Pack (FYL22):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Formula Flashback Red Black And white stripes on sides, hood and spoiler, “2” on hood and spoiler Chrome / plastic None Black White 5SP Indonesia Base code(s): M28 6FDDEB2B-8FAC-47C7-80D4-B0EA816FF60D
Drift King White Black and pink stripes on sides and roof, “drift” on left side, “king on right side, “5” “DK” on roof. Black / plastic Tinted (light blue) chrome Pink RA6 Indonesia Base code(s): M28 0AD412AA-5F1A-4B78-A0B6-59C56147CE09
Chicane Green Black and white stripes on sides. Black / metal Tinted (blue) Chrome Chrome Light Blue TRAP5 Indonesia Base code(s): M28 74B9A15D-5FDB-4718-A91E-8798964B9766
Prototype H-24 Matte black Yellow, orange and white stripes on sides, “24” on sides Chrome / plastic Tinted (Yellow) Orange Yellow rim, black PR5 Indonesia Base code(s): M28 110A9CDF-6FBD-42FD-9355-D2CC77EC7073
Super Blitzen Metalflake turquoise Black and White stripes on sides, “super blitzen” “2” on sides. Chrome / plastic Tinted (orange) orange Chrome orange OH5 Indonesia Base code(s): M28 E6F44CCE-2EBC-4B08-96AD-AFE484CAFB45
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