The Track Stars 5-Pack was released in 2017.



The following castings were in the Track Stars 5-Pack (DVG03):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Epic Fast Light Blue Black & Yellow Stripes, Black 8 inside White roundel, Black TRACK STARS Red / Plastic Orange Front: White PR5, Rear: Yellow rim Black PR5 Indonesia / Malaysia Epic Fast 2017 Track Stars 5 pack
Quick n' Sik Flat Black Yellow, orange & Red stripes, White lined 25, White sponsors & HW log Yellow Chrome Yellow 5SP Indonesia / Malaysia Quick-N-Sik-Track Star 2017
Street Shaker Light Green Black tripes & squares, Yellow stripes, White 5, HW logo Yellow / Plastic Smoke Black White rim Black PR5 Indonesia / Malaysia Street Shaker 2017 Track Stars 5 pack
Time Tracker Yellow Black & Red strpes, Black & White TRACK STARS & 33, HW logo & sponsors Chrome / Plastic Dark Magenta Magenta 5SP Indonesia / Malaysia Time-Tracker-Track-Stars-2017
Circle Trucker White Blue, Purple, Pink & Grey stripes, Yellow & Blue 99, Blue & Grey TRACK STARS, Sponsors Teal Black Yellow rim Black PR5 Indonesia / Malaysia Circle-Trucker-k2

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