This series replaced Trackin' Trucks.


Toy# Model Name Color Tampo Tint Wheels Note Photo
Y0180 Bone Blazers Silver tractor, red cage trailer Black skull with number 13 on tractor, checkered flag on trailer Red Red TRAP5 Rereleased

2013 version, without bonus vehicle

Y0184 Haulin' Heat Green with yellow base Green and yellow tiki graphics with yellow flames Yellow 5sp New color for 2014, without bonus vehicle P5306906
BFM73 Caged Cargo Blue tractor on ZAMAC base, yellow trailer bed with black cage Orange and white monster on tractor, blue "BEWARE" text with chain and locks on trailer cage yellow Blue rim, black OH5 New for 2014 P4296886
BFM63 Hitch 'N Haul Teal tractor on grey base, green trailer on ZAMAC base

Black and white hawk and green Hot Wheels logo on tractor with white number 68, purple HW logo and sponsor logo on trailer

green Purple Rim PR5 New for 2014 P4166881
Y0182 Hiway Hauler Red tractor with blue base, Red Trailer on black/ZAMAC base Hot Wheels logo on tractor with white/blue/silver stripes, race car tampo on trailer blue J5 New color for 2014, without bonus vehicle P4166882
Road Rally Blue with Chrome base Yellow with No.3 on tractor, yellow Hot Wheels logo on the trailer yellow PR5 Re-issue of the same vehicle of 2013, without  bonus vehicle P4176884
Speed Fleet White tractor on black metal base, black trailer on orange/white base Number 13 on tractor, orange HW logo, number 13, black HWRT with white/blue/grey tampo on trailer orange PR5 New for 2014 P5306902
Speed Hauler Gold and Transparent Blue on white base White and gold 'digital' graphics and gold Hot Wheels logo none Transparent blue OH5 with gold lip New color for 2014, without bonus vehicle Image Not Available
BFM64 Fuel 'N Flame Yellow Tractor body on black metal base, chrome oil tanker trailer on yellow base Yellow flames with "HW fuel" and yellow Hot Wheels logo on the tanker trailer smoke Blue rim PR5 New for 2014 Image Not Available
Fuel & Fire Red 5SP IMG 374 24
BFM63 Hitch 'N' Haul Orange tractor on purple base, orange trailer on ZAMAC base Silver and black stripes on trailer, silver decos and black Hot Wheels logo on trailer Purple Purple PR5 2nd color for 2014 Image Not Available
BFM66 Aero Blast Transparent purple and chrome base, purple trailer on ZAMAC base Silver flames on trailer & cab, “Hot Wheels” on trailer & cab smoke Purple OH5 new for 2014 7015F762-FD06-4382-9499-C222DB1A6122
BFM66 Aero Blast Blue tractor on Chrome base, Blue trailer on yellow and ZAMAC base Yellow splashes and biohazard logo and the writing "Biohazard" visible on the trailer, yellow Hot Wheels logo smoke Yellow 5SP new for 2014. 2nd colour 7E4E93A0-2A5C-48EA-9EAC-8F4BAAFAFA89
BFM66 Aero Blast Pearl white tractor on orange base, white trailer on black/ZAMAC base Blue and orange stripes with number 68 as well as red Hot Wheels logo Yellow Red PR5 New for 2014, 3rd colour Aero Blast Model Trucks 90aff76b-afab-4786-9856-e0f41bac963c large


The following models were in the 2015 Track Stars:

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
- Custom Volkswagen Hauler Pearl Medium Purple & Light Blue Silver, White & Dark Blue falmes on sides Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Dark Blue) Pearl Medium Purple OH5SP Malaysia Base code(s): H27 Custom Volkswagen Hauler package front
- Custom Volkswagen Hauler Pearl Red & White Unpainted / Metal Pearl Red Malaysia Base code(s): Image Not Available
- Hitch N' Haul Orange Black, Silver & Purple stripes on sides, HW logo on sides of trailer Metalflake Purple / Metal & Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Purple) Chrome Black Chrome Purple PR5 BFM75 Malaysia Base code(s): G27 (& G28) Hitch N' Haul package front
Turbo Beast Black & White Black & Gold circle on sides, '62' on cab Black / Plastic & Unpainted / Metal Chrome Gold Chrome Gold Gold OH5SP CGJ43 Malaysia Base code(s): (H48 & J06) Turbo Beast package front
Fuel & Fire Red



Convoy Custom as driving

IMG 3746 24
Crate Racer

no track stars

Dark Green 'Crate Racer' on sides Black / Plastic Tinted (Yellow) Chrome DTX40 Malaysia Base code(s): K06, K11 Crate Racer DTX40
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