The Track System 5-Pack was released in 1995, featuring the following vehicles:



Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color + Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Flashfire Bright Green Black tire tracks Light Green / Plastic Orange tint Orange Gold UH, 3SP or 5SP Malaysia Flashfire Grnuh Flashfire Grn5sp Flashfire Grn3sp
Baja Bug White Multi-Colored Checks and Flames Pink / Metal N/A Red Gold BW or 5SP Malaysia Baja Bug WhtBWG Baja Bug Wht5spG
T-Bird Stocker Bright Yellow-Green Multi-Colored body tear-off markings Unpainted / Metal Black Unseen Gold 7SP, 5SP or 3SP Malaysia T-Bird Stocker Lime7sp T-Bird Stocker Lime5sp T-Bird Stocker Lime3sp
Porsche 959 White Black, Pinkish-Purple, Blue markings Unpainted / Metal Blue tint White Gold UH, 5SP or 3SP Malaysia Porsche 959 WhtUHG Porsche 959 Wht5sp Porsche 959 Wht3sp
Aeroflash White Green, Yellow & Blue flames Fluorescent Pink / Metal Orange tint Bright Pink Gold UH, 3SP or 7SP Malaysia Aeroflash WhtUH Aeroflash Wht3sp Aeroflash Wht7sp
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