Trackin' Trucks was the a series of transport trucks and included bonus vehicles that ran concurrently with Racing Rigs. The series ran for just one year, 2013. Trackin' Trucks were noticeably smaller than other series transporters, which allowed them to run on tracks. In 2014 they were replaced by Track Stars Haulers, which used the same castings, but did not include bonus vehicles.


Year Toy # Transporter Transporter Color Transporter Tampo Transporter Base Color / Type Transporter Wheel Type Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Color Bonus Vehicle Tampo Bonus Vehicle Base Color / Type Bonus Vehicle Wheel Type Country Bonus Vehicle Photo Notes / Variations
2013 Y0179 Road Rally Blue Lime Green Hot Wheels Logo on Lime Green and Black Background Chrome / Plastic PR5, Black with Yellow Rim Trackin' Trucks Y0179 Off Track Bile Yellow Bile Yellow Hot Wheels Logo on Black and Blue Background Black / Plastic PR5, Black with Yellow Rim Malaysia Trackin' Trucks Y0179 Car
2013 Y0180 Bone Blazers Black Cab, Silver Trailer Green and Black Green / Plastic MC5 Trackin' Trucks Y0180 Bone Shaker Green White and Black Flames with Orange Outline Black / Plastic OH5, Black with Chrome Rim Malaysia Trackin' Trucks Y0180 Car
2013 Y0181 Copter Chase Yellow Cab, Black Trailer "1" with Checkerboard Graphic Chrome / Plastic OH5, Black with Blue Chrome Rim Trackin' Trucks Y0181 Propper Chopper Yellow Blue with Black Checkerboard Black / Plastic N/A Malaysia Trackin' Trucks Y0181 Car
2013 Y0182

Hiway Hauler

Chrome Cab, Black and Red Trailer "Hot Wheels Race Team" with Red, White, and Blue Stripes Red / Plastic PR5, Black with Chrome Rim Trackin' Trucks Y0182 Teegray Red White and Blue Unpainted / Metal Y5 Malaysia Trackin' Trucks Y0182 Car
2013 Y0183 Speed Hauler Transparent Green and Black White "68" with Orange Stripes and Blue Hot Wheels Logo Black / Plastic OH5, Transparent Green with Orange Chrome Trackin' Trucks Y0183 Super Blitzen Chrome Black Stripes, Blue Checkerboard, and Orange Transparent Green / Plastic OH5, Orange Chrome Malaysia Trackin' Trucks Y0183 Car
2013 Y0184 Haulin' Heat Gold and Black Cab, Gold Trailer Red Flames and Silver Stripes Red / Plastic 5SP Trackin' Trucks Y0184 Monoposto Metalflake Black Silver, Red, and Yellow Stripes Red / Plastic PR5, Gold Malaysia Trackin' Trucks Y0184 Car
2013 Y0185

Road Rally

Orange White, Yellow, and Black Hot Wheels Logos Black / Plastic 5SP Trackin' Trucks Y0185 Off Track Light Grey Black "28" with White, Yellow, and Black Hot Wheels Logos Orange / Plastic 5SP Malaysia Trackin' Trucks Y0185 Car
2013 Y0186 Bone Blazers Red Cab, Gold Trailer Black Spider Webs Chrome / Plastic J5, Gold Trackin' Trucks Y0186 Bone Shaker Black Red Spider Webs Black / Plastic OH5, Gold Malaysia Trackin' Trucks Y0186 Car
2013 Y0187

Copter Chase

Teal Orange and White Black / Plastic 10SP, Orange Chrome Trackin' Trucks Y0187 Propper Chopper Orange Black, White, and Gold "68" Light Grey / Plastic N/A Malaysia Trackin' Trucks Y0187 Car
2013 Y0188 Hiway Hauler Purple Green Flames, White Stripes, Silver Checkerboard Chrome / Plastic J5 Trackin' Trucks Y0188 Teegray White Green and Black Black / Plastic OH5, Chrome Purple Malaysia Trackin' Trucks Y0188 Car
2013 Y0189 Speed Hauler Chrome Cab, Chrome and Orange Trailer Orange, Blue, and Red Flames Orange / Plastic PR5, Black with Orange Chrome Rim Trackin' Trucks Y0189 Super Blitzen Orange Blue Flames Transparent / Plastic PR5, Black with Orange Chrome Rim Malaysia Trackin' Trucks Y0189 Car
2013 Y0190 Haulin' Heat Blue Cab, Baby Blue Trailer Purple Stars and Black to Silver Gradient Chrome / Plastic OH5, Black with Baby Blue Chrome Rim Trackin' Trucks Y0190 Monoposto Metalflake Silver Blue with Black Star and Rectangles Blue / Plastic OH5, Black with Baby Blue Chrome Rim Malaysia Trackin' Trucks Y0190 Car
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