Released in 2009, the Trickin' Treats under the Hot Wheels Color Shifters line. This 2-Pack released in September 2009 exclusively at Target stores, features two castings previously released as Hot Wheels Color Shifters: the Custom '77 Dodge Van & Nitro Doorslammer. The toy# for this set is N9468.

ColorShifters Halloween 2009


The Following Castings were in the Trickin' Treats:

Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Custom '77 Dodge Van Orange when Warm, Dark Purple when Cold Unpainted Metal Tinted Black Chrome-Rim, Black OH5 Thailand 77 Dodge Van - CS Halloween Warm77 Dodge Van - CS Halloween Cold
Nitro Doorslammer Yellow when Warm, Green when Cold Unpainted Metal Yellow Tint Chrome Chrome-Rim, Black OH5 Thailand Nitro Doorslammer - CS Halloween WarmNitro Doorslammer - CS Halloween Cold
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