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The Truck Stoppers' 5-Pack' was released in 2001



The Following Castings were in the Truck Stoppers 5-Pack

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
'56 Flashsider Metalflake Blue Orange, White "Vintage Auto Parts" Chrome / Plastic Black unseen 5SP Thailand 56 Flashsider BluL.JPG
'68 El Camino Orange Black, Purple, Yellow, Green "Xtreme Xpress" Unpainted / Metal Gray tint Yellow PR5 Thailand 69 El Camino Org.JPG
Fat Fendered '40 Black Yellow, white, red & black tampos, "Lightning Fast Delivery" Unpainted / Metal Yellow Tint White 5SP Thailand '40's Ford 2-Door Blk5sp.JPG
Delivery Truck Light Blue Blue Orange flames, White, Black "Emergency" Chrome / Plastic Orange tint Black 5SP 50066 Thailand Delivery LtBlueL.JPG
Dairy Delivery Yellow "Big Lou's Speedy Delivery" and Black, White and Red tampos on sides Black / Plastic Smoke Red PR5 50068 Thailand Big Lou's Dairy Delivery - 7004df.jpg