Truckin' Transporters are hauler vehicles (including tractors/"Semi's") that combine a hauler, trailer and a bonus vehicle, all decorated in color coordinated schemes. They are also known as Long Haulers, Pavement Pounders, Power Semi, and Racing Rigs.

Since 2016, these sets are known as Super Rigs and Heavy Haulers.

The following is a very short list of Truckin' Transporters


Year Toy # Series Country Color Tampo Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Photo
2000 89850 Long Haulers Blue/Orange Extreme Wheels IMG 20120308 110923 1996 Mustang GT Image Not Available
2000 89313 Pavement Pounders White/Grey 30's Car Show Indiana IMG 20170801 141146522 3-Window '34 Green
2000 89312 Pavement Pounders Red/Blue Dead Mans Curve IMG 20170801 135227919 '57 T-Bird Redgold
2000 89311 Pavement Pounders Yellow/Black '57 Custom IMG 20170801 134953844 '57 Chevy Yellow
2000 89305 Pavement Pounders Red/Blue Hot Wheels w/Flames IMG 20170801 135138564 '55 Chevy Red
2000 89306 Pavement Pounders Yellow/White Ryan Jarvis Racing Academy/Indy Expereince IMG 20170801 135105626 Dodge Viper RT/10 Blue
2000 89307 Pavement Pounders Green/Black Hot Wheels Tally D' Italia IMG 20170801 135159146 Toyota MR2 Italiana Car


Year Toy # Series Country Color Tampo Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Photo
2002 89043 Pavement Pounders China Black & Silver Black, Gray & Orange fade to Yellow Road Pirates Racing on sides Pavement Pounder 89043 01 Maelstrom Maelstrom 2002 Pavement Pounders 89043
2002 89345 Pavement Pounders Red & Gray Black & Silver flames Shogun Racing Hot Wheels Pavement Pounder 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach Pavement Pounder Countach


Year Toy # Series Country Color Tampo Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Photo
2003 47037 Pavement Pounders China Black Black, Gray, Silver & Yellow "Rock on Wheels" on sides Pavement Pounder 47037 02 Limozeen Limozeen 2003 Pavement Pounder 47037
2003 47183 Pavement Pounders China Green & Yellow Black, Gray & Yellow fade to White "Warthog" on sides Pavement Pounder 47183 02 Lotus Project M250 Lotus M250 2003 Pvmt Pounder 47183
2003 3302RE Pavement Pounders China Red & Blue Truckin' Transporter CIMG1558 Toyota Celica Toyota Celica CIMG1563
2003 3242RE Pavement Pounders China White&Blue hot wheels road racing Pavement Pounders CIMG1546 Cunningham C4R Cunningham C4R CIMG1553


Year Toy # Series Country Color Tampo Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Photo
2004 B3904 Truckin' Transporters Red/Black Agent V12 IMG 20120308 105653 Zotic IMG 20120308 105756
2004 B3912 Truckin' Transporters Dark Blue/Red Hot Wheels Racing Team 1 Race Team IMG 20120308 105210 Ballistik IMG 20120308 104514
2004 Truckin' Transporter (B3903) Black/Metalflake Gold Hot Wheels Auto Recovery B3903 Sling Shot PR5 Truckin Transport Sling Shot
2004 Truckin' Transporter (B3909) Neon Yellow/Black HWAR Auto Repo B3909 Pony Up Image Not Available
2004 Truckin' Transporter (B3910) Metallic Purple/Grey HW Import Transport B3910 MS-T Suzuka MS-T-Suzuka


Year Toy # Series Name Country Color Tampo Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Photo
2006 J3545 Truckin' Transporters Truckin' Transporter (J3545) Black/Metalflake Gold Alien Artifact Recon Unit J3545 Twin Mill Image Not Available
2006 J6518 Truckin' Transporters Truckin' Transporters (J6518) china White&Blue global surveillance Truckin' Transporter CIMG1578 Propper Chopper Propper Chopper CIMG1583
2006 J6519 Truckin' Transporters Truckin' Transporters (J6519) china Orange and Black H.W.A.R auto repo Truckin' Transporters CIMG1591 Pony Up Pony Up CIMG1598
2006 K0436 Truckin' Transporters Truckin' Transporter (K0436) Metallic Blue/Black Team Racing Hot Wheels K0436 F-Racer Image Not Available
2006 K0439 Truckin' Transporters Truckin' Transporter (K0439) china Dark Red Flames on sides K0439 Fish'd & Chip'd Fish'd & Chip'd CIMG1564
2006 K6056 Truckin' Transporters Truckin' Transporters(K6056) china Dark Red motorsports Truckin' Transporters CIMG1603 CUL8R CUL8R CIMG1609


Year Toy # Series Name Country Color Tampo Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Photo
2007 J3547 Truckin' Transporters Truckin' Transporter (J3547) Green/Black/Yellow Hot Wheels logo J3547 Accelium Accelium2
2007 L3191 Truckin' Transporters Truckin' Transporter (L3191) Dark Olive and Black. With Chrome details Military graphics and "HW-705 TH" on sides."HW" Logo TRUCKIN' TRANSPORTER L3191 Enforcer ENFORCER TT


Year Toy # Series Name Country Color Tampo Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Photo
M8750 Truckin' Transporters Truckin' Transporter (M8750) M8750 Ground FX Truckin' Transporters - Ground FX Image Not Available
M8752 Truckin' Transporters Truckin' Transporter (M8752) Light gray and chrome details. Orange rims Skull and crossbones and white graphics, outlined in orange."Bone Shaker" in the cabin doors. Truckin Transporters - M8752 Bone Shaker Bone Shaker - TT - M8752 Image Not Available
N1992 Truckin' Transporters Truckin' Transporter (N1992) Translucent blue, cabin and trailer. Based black Black and White lines Truckin Transporters - N1992 Vandetta Vandetta - TT - N1992 Image Not Available


Year Toy # Series Country Color Tampo Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Photo
2009 N1991 Racing Rigs
400487462 o
'03 Monte Carlo Stocker 03MonteStocker RacingRigs
2009 N3974
Jet Threat 4.0 IMG 6706
2009 N3975 N3975RacingRigsNitroDoorslammer Nitro Doorslammer Nitro Doorslammer (2009 Racin' Rigs)
2009 N3976 Image Not Available Lakester Image Not Available
2009 N3977 Truckin' Transporters Champion Rig (N3977)| N3977 Monoposto Image Not Available
2009 N3978
Ob 97716d dieselboy-vendue-avec-camion-racing-co
Dieselboy DieselboyN3978
2009 N3979 Truckin' Transporters Blazin' Cargo (N3979) N3979 Formul8r Formul8r racingrigs
2009 N3980 Image Not Available RD-08 '09 RD-08
2009 N3981 Truckin' Transporters Mission Control Rig (N3981) Racing Rig mission control rig Invader Invader Image Not Available
2009 N3982 Image Not Available Symbolic Symbolic racingrig anti
2009 N3983 Image Not Available Phastasm PICT1013
2009 N3984 Light Blue Image Not Available Jet Threat 4.0 Image Not Available


Toy # Series Name Country Color Tampo Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Photo
R1065 Truckin' Transporters Desert Race 1000 (R1065) Blue and base Black. Chrome details Rallie tampos, "Baja Team" on sides and "8" DESERT RACE 1000 (R1065) RD-08 RD-08 TT


Toy # Name Country Color Tampo Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Photo
V2370 Surf's Up (V2370) China Blue, Light Blue & White Wave Graphics, "WAVERIDERS" Blue, Light Blue & White Wave Graphics Surfs Up Rig Open Switchback Switchback - Surfs Up Rig 2011


Bone Shaker Racing Team (K5135) or Rat Race (V2363) China Black and Silver details Skull and flames, with the name of the transporter BONE SHAKER RACING TEAM B Bone Shaker BONE SHAKER EXCLUSIVE
R1073, re-release of 2010 R1073 Flatbed Farm Hauler China Image Not Available Dragtor Image Not Available
?????, re-release of 2010 R1072 Rumble Road China Image Not Available Barbaric Image Not Available
R1071 Combat Hauler China Black, Grey and Lime Green Graphics Lime Green lines and alien writing 2011-Combat Hauler-Black RD-05 2011-RD05-FltBlack
?????, re-release of 2010 R1075 Drag Car Hauler China 2010 Drag Car Hauler Turckin' Transport Tire Fryer Track T Truckin Transport 2010
V2362 Salt Flat Racer China Image Not Available Rocket Oil Special Image Not Available
V2365 Muscle Mania China Image Not Available Fast Fish Image Not Available
V2371 Night Burnerz China Image Not Available Symbolic Image Not Available
V2369 Swamp Racer China Image Not Available Preying Menace Unknown green HW car
W4667 Caged Cargo China Yellow Purple truck, black box for the car, yellow, "Exterminator Service"
91FDnzVMQ-L. SL1500
Preying Menace Image Not Available
V2364 Circuit Champions China Image Not Available Low C-GT Image Not Available
V2372 Night Landing China Image Not Available Propper Chopper Image Not Available
V2373 Suppdog Hauler China Image Not Available Supdogg Image Not Available
V2367 Cosmic Hauler China Image Not Available RocketFire Image Not Available
V2366 Mountain Mission China Image Not Available Off Track Image Not Available
W4670 Fright Freighter China Image Not Available Rivited Image Not Available


Toy # Series Name Country Color Tampo Photo Bonus Vehicle Bonus Vehicle Photo
Truckin' Transporters Speed Team China Yellow Purple stripes (Crash test style), red logo "Hot Wheels" and black "969" on sides of trailer, purple rims Monoposto Purple, no tampos, with Transparent Yellow wheels and silver rims/racer
Truckin' Transporters Alien Squad China Green "UFO CAPTURE SQUAD", "51" (zone), lime alien head with Hot Wheels logo (on head) on trailer and green on cabin, green rims Octainium
W4676 Truckin' Transporters Roll Patrol China Blue cabin, white trailer flames and star, "POLICE", "TO PROTECT AND SERVE", "UNIT34", red (down) and blue (up) lines Propper Chopper Blue and white, "POLICE", Black tint
W4669 Truckin' Transporters Stealth Surveillance China Black and Red (and tinted red on big opened part of trailer) ON cabin & trailer: Red aim, in him black lightning on grey background. ON Trailer: gray line in white stroke, "SURVEILLANCE", red rims Buzz Bombs
W46752 Truckin' Transporters Creature Cruiser China Brown trailer and dark green military truck ON trailer: "UNIT68", "STEALTH UNIT", ON truck: red star and black eagle Rockster Black, red star, green roof/grille, red window and red shark jaws
Truckin' Transporters Cosmic Blast China Red trailer with lime stand ON trailer: on stand white "51 TEAM ALIEN RACE CREW", red How Wheels logo and white alien head and more more more..., ON truck: Lime circle with lines, black "51", Hot Wheels logo and white alien head DSC 0473 RD-08 RD-08 51 Team Alien Race CrewBlack, OR6SP with red rims, lime base. Stickers, white alien head and Hot Wheels logo on dark green sides


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