Tune-Up Shop
Debut Series Hot Wheels World
Produced 19982010
Number 21529
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Tune-Up Shop is a medium-sized set part of the Hot Wheels World lineup. The set features a large tuning workshop featuring numerous play features, such as an oil changing drum with mechanical level, a unique launcher with artificial mechanical revving noises, a manual elevator, automatic "level changers" for cars to get to different levels of the set, and most notably, a body shop with a sparking feature, which revolves around a spinning disc scratching against a piece of flint to create the sparking effect.

The set initially did not include any cars. Later versions of the sets include two cars. The set was subsequently rereleased as the Snap-On Tune-Up Shop in 2004: apart from the changing of various visual elements and color schemes the set was identical to the standard Tune-Up Shop. The set was then assimilated into the KidPicks line in 2010 and renamed back to Tune-Up Shop. The set has not been seen after that.

Car(s) included


[1] (An ad for the play set)

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