Turbo Driver
Produced 2008
Number N1709

The Turbo Driver is an online computer game controller that gives players access to the Race The World computer game, as well as more than 20 cool games hosted on

There are eight different Car-tridge vehicles created exclusively for the controller, and the Car-tridge you plug into the controller is the same car that you play in the exclusive Race The World game. When you change the Car-tridge™ in the controller, the car automatically changes on the screen.

Plus, the controller can be used to play over 20 games on and will be compatible with future games launched there.

On January 1st, 2010, the online servers were shut down for unknown reasons.

Race The World Game

Race The World gives you the chance to race in eight different worlds, each with its own terrain and unique obstacles. Each car has a secret ability that gives it the best performance in its home world and all of the cars perform slightly differently in each world. So, no matter which car you race, there are always new things to find. If that weren’t enough, when you beat all eight worlds, you unlock the secret ninth world!

Car-Tridges: Home World: Image:
Stockar The Grand Prix N1709 turbo driver stockar
Invader The Arctic N1714 0910 Turbo driver Invader
Arachnorod The Jungle N1711 0910 Turbo driver arachnorod
Da'Kar The Desert N1712 0910 Turbo driver Da Kar
Sharkruiser The Islands Sharkruisercartridge
Drift King The Streets N1713 0910 Turbo driver drift king
RD-04 The Volcano N1716 0910 Turbo driver RD 04
Jet Threat 4.0 The Sky N1715 0910 Turbo driver Jet threat 4


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