Released in 2002, the Turbo Jet City #54411 featured 5 cars.

Turbo Jet City 5-pk


The following cars were in the Turbo Jet City 5-Pack:

Casting Name Body Color Tampos Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
Muscle Tone Blue White & blue tampos, "Turbo Jet" Black Blue tint White SB 54411 China Muscle Tone - 02 Turbo Jet City 5-Pack
Toyota Celica White Orange & Black Tampos, "SECURITY", "turbo JC7", Star Black Plastic Yellow Tint Black Chrome PR5 54411 China Celica - 02 Turbo Jet City 5-pack
Jeepster Purple / White cladding Silver, Green, "Turbo JC9" Unpainted / Metal Green tint White 5SP 54413 China 2002 232 Jeepster
Chevy Stocker Yellow Turbo IC5, Flame Stocker, #5, black orange and white flames Chevy Stocker turbo ic5
Monoposto Green Monoposto 3 Turbo JC3 Black plastic tinted Black 5DOT 54411 China Monoposto green turbo jet City 5-pack 2002
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