Twin Mill III
Debut Series 2008 New Models
Produced 2008 - Present
Designer Josh Henson
Number L9955
TwinMill III JH


The Twin Mill III is a Hot Wheels casting designed by Josh Henson that debuted in 2008 New Models. Twin Mill III features two large engines on opposite sides of the car. The front-end of Twin Mill III resembles the front-end of Twin Mill. It has two triangle-shaped headlights. More of the twin engines is visible on the sides of the Twin Mill III.

Somewhere between the end of April 2012 (Base code E17) and the end of May 2012 (Base code E21) the mold for the engines was slightly altered. The little dots on the sides of the engines are now gone; the side of the engines is flat (see Gallery).

This car is playable in Hot Wheels: Track Attack, and will also be playable starting February 21st, 2017 in Rocket League as part of the "Hot Wheels" DLC pack along with the Bone Shaker.


The Twin Mill III has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
040 / 196 2008 2008 New Models 40/40 Pearl Orange Silver 'Twin Mill III' on sides Silver / Plastic Tinted (Black) Chrome Black OH5 L9955 Malaysia Featured in Hot Wheels: Track Attack Twin Mill 3 - 08FE
057 (USA) 065 (Int.) 2010 Track Stars 1/12 Metalflake Green Red & White HW logo on trunk Silver / Plastic Tinted (Black) Chrome OH5 T5136 Malaysia Featured in Hot Wheels: Track Attack TwinMillIII TrackStars
- 2011 Speed Pack Metalflake Blue Dark Blue flames on sides, Dark Blue & White stripes across top Blue / Plastic Tinted (Yellow) Chrome Yellow & Black OH5 R0795 Malaysia Featured in Hot Wheels: Track Attack TwinMill3 SpeedPack
- 2011 2011 Japan Convention White None Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Chrome Gold Gold & Black OH5 ? Malaysia Came with markers to decorate Twin Mill (2008) III - Hot Wheels X3006 2011
152 / 247 2012 Heat Fleet '12 2/10 Metalflake Red Yellow, White & Orange flames across top Yellow / Plastic Tinted (Yellow) Chrome Yellow & Black PR5 V5456 Malaysia Base code(s): E17, E18, E21, E23

Came also without the dots on the sides of the engines

Twin Mill III thumb
152 / 247 2012 Heat Fleet '12 2/10 Satin Blue Yellow, White & Orange flames across top Yellow / Plastic Tinted (Yellow) Chrome Chrome Orange & Black PR5 V5661 Malaysia Base code(s): E32 2012 V5661 Twin Mill III Blue
- 2012 Team Xtreme Blue Malaysia
- 2012 Team Xtreme Green Malaysia
226 / 250 2014 Then & Now Pearl Green Thick Black Line top center, Dark green stripe on top Lime Green / Plastic Clear Chrome Chrome Green TRAP5 BFF05 Malaysia Base code(s): G14, G16 HW-2014-226-Twin Mill III-ThenAndNow
226 / 250 2014 Walmart Exclusive Zamacs '14 17/18 Silver Thick blue stripes Going across the top. Dark Blue / Plastic Blue Chrome TRAP5 BFG92 Malaysia Base code(s): G28 2014zamac017
226 / 250 2014 Then And Now Metalflake Red Thick black stripe going across the top with yellow stripes. Red / Plastic Clear Chrome OH5SP's BFG76 Malaysia Base code(s): G28 TwinMillIII2014
5/6 2018 Spring Series Orange White, Black & Yellow Stripes and 'Spring 18' on roof Tinted (Green) Chrome Green TRAP5 Base code(s):  Image Not Available


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