Tyler Charest is a Hot Wheels designer who has worked at Mattel since 2015, where he currently serves as a senior designer. Prior to his work at Mattel, he developed concepts for Toyota Boshoku America and worked as an industrial designer; he also interned at Mattel for three months as an "innovation design intern" in 2014 before joining Mattel full-time.
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1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
2015 Ant-Man Marvel Character Cars 20 CGD61 Ant-Man (CGD61)
2015 Red Skull Marvel Character Cars 21 CGD55 Red-Skull-a
2016 Doc Ock Marvel Character Cars 37 DJJ49 Doc Ock 01
2016 Doctor Strange Marvel Character Cars 36 DJJ48 Doc strange
2016 The Riddler DC Character Cars - DJP11 The Riddler (FBC72) 02
2016 Tour de Fast HW Games 10/10 DHP35 Tour de Fast - 16NM HW Games 600pxOTD
2016 Turbot Street Beasts 9/10 DHP31 TurbotDHP31OOP
2017 Alien Invasion Monster Jam 6/10 00026769-2T
2017 Boom Car HW Ride-Ons 1/5 DTX11 Boom Car DTX11
2017 Gas Monkey Garage Monster Jam 1/10 00023470-2T
2017 Megalodon Monster Jam 8/10 S-l1600-4-1507411588
2017 Quad Rod (2017) HW Moto 1/5 DTX28 Quad Rod DTX28
2017 Solid Muscle HW Digital Circuit 2/5 DTX17 SolidMuscleDTX17
2017 Speedy Pérez Legends of Speed 2/10 DTW98 Speedy Pérez 2017
2017 Turbo Rooster Street Beasts 1/10 DTX23 DTX23 Turbo Rooster
2018 Chewbacca (Solo) Star Wars Character Cars - FJF79 Chewbacca (Solo) (FJF79) 02
2018 Green Arrow DC Character Cars - FGL67 Green Arrow (FGL67) 02-0
2018 Luke Skywalker (The Last Jedi) Star Wars Character Cars - FCD91 Jedi Luke Skywalker (FCD91) 02
2018 Maleficent Disney Character Cars 4/6 FLH51 MaleficentCar
2018 Mosasaurus Jurassic World Character Cars 5/5 FLJ07 JWCC5Car
2018 Psycho-Delic Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 15/16 Psycho-Delic
2018 The Joker GT DC Character Cars - FGL63 DC The Joker GT (FGL63)
2018 Triceratops Jurassic World Character Cars 3/5 FLJ05 JWCC3
2019 Alpine A110 Factory Fresh 6/10 FYB39 Alpine A110 Blue 19
2019 Aquaman (2019) DC Character Cars - FLH33 7524326-1
2019 Bo Peep Toy Story Character Cars 6/8 GCY58 B8D1420C-61AC-4E36-90F8-457E2F1BCD39
2019 Duke Caboom Toy Story Character Cars 7/8 GCY59 Duke Caboom (GCY59) (Pack)
2019 Forky Toy Story Character Cars 5/8 GCY57 Forky (GCY57) (Pack)
2019 Mera DC Character Cars - FXW57 HW DCC MERA(2017)
2019 Moto Wing HW Moto 1/5 FYB60 2019 Moto Wing green
2019 Muscle Bound Speed Blur 8/10 FYB77 Muscle Bound. By 1stedman 1
2019 Podium Crasher Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Podium crasher
2019 Wild Streak Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 29/50 03C8985C-4E26-44BD-92CF-F58DD2E9CA60
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