Ultimate Raceway
Produced 2009-2010
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The Ultimate Raceway is a 3-in-1 track set made between the years 2009-2010, The set includes two vehicles: Twin Mill or Golden Arrow and a unnamed stock car witch can be built at the at the vehicle manufacturing plant included in the set. A car wash is also in the set with a small garage to store vehicles inside. A car dealership is present in the set, The dealership has two turntables and another two parking spaces, along with a small garage. A car manufacturing plant is the main piece of the set with a place to put together a car, and launcher is inside the plant and a place to paint your car.

This set includes: 2 Vehicles 6 pieces of 2 lane road 3 play areas

Go fast or go home is on the back of the box


[1] a review from racegvooves
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Back of the box

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