• I live in California
  • My occupation is Army
  • I am dude

I have been systematically collecting Hot Wheels and other brands and scales of diecast cars for over 28 years, and writing about them since the early websites dedicated to diecast.

Boss 302 Gulf. Sidevue

My collection is focused on new mainline/debut castings (New Models/First Editions). Initially I figured if I collected these, I would not miss one Hot Wheels ever. Of course I soon realized how wrong I was about that. Nevertheless I stayed the course and now have every new casting since 1990, in almost every New Mainline Model variation or retool. Later on I branched out to premium cars and recolors that I really liked.

The Hot Wheels WIKI is my main source of Hot Wheels information. I recommend it to everyone that asks. So I decided to be a contributor, as a great way to share the hobby with fellow enthusiasts.

My favorite Diecast Pages

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Hot Wheels Collectors

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