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[[Special:Contributions/{{PAGENAME}}|User contributions]]
[[Special:Contributions/{{PAGENAME}}|User contributions]]
[[Hemi Cuda]]
[[VW Bug]]
[[VW Bug]]

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AGENTAIR .... I'm here and I'll try to help out when I have some time

User contributions

Hemi Cuda

VW Bug

  • Someone had to get this going

Purple Passion

  • Started this with 7 pics and info, added 6 more, added more

Volkswagen Golf GTI

  • Added pics and added to descriptions

Honda Civic Si

  • Added everything except one important version

Buick Grand National

  • Added pictures to this page, fixed misinformation, I hate misinformation

Chevy Camaro Concept

  • Linked here through Modern Classics, Added pics and info, and header picture

Modern Classics

  • Built this page from scratch, waiting to see if I get in trouble, added 12 pics and all info

Dodge Challenger Concept

  • Adding pictures and descriptions and notes

C6 Corvette

  • Shot, Cropped and enhanced and then Added 18 pictures, Detailed Descriptions added

Corvette C6R

  • Set up the page, Added some nice pics, did descriptions and notes, still learning


  • Added Picture, updated descriptions, added notes

'69 Chevelle SS 396

  • Added Pictures, updated descriptions, added notes

2008 Tesla Roadster

  • Added area for second version, Added 2 pictures

'70 Pontiac GTO

  • Added Gallery and used original picture, Added Pictures, updated descriptions, added notes


  • Eliminated "Window Colors" since there are no windows on casting, Added Photo, And 3 photos

Custom '77 Dodge Van

  • Added Pictures, updated descriptions, added notes

Custom '64 Galaxie‎

  • Corrected interior colors, Added 10 pack Galaxies with Pics

'69 Ford Torino Talladega‎

  • Set up page, added Picture, added description

'09 Corvette ZR1‎

  • Set up page, added Pictures, added descriptions

Custom '62 Chevy Pickup

  • Rebuilt and updated the page with pictures and descriptions

Acura NSX

  • Added Pictures, updated descriptions, added notes

Custom '59 Cadillac

  • Set up the page, continue to add pictures and Info

PLUS 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner '68 Olds 442

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