Audacious-graphic from the back of the 2016 Nightburnerz 5-pack

Hello, I am Australiancarlover (also known as "JDM my Ride"). As my user name implies, I like Australian and JDM cars, but I have collected Hot wheels cars of various nationalities and Years. In my 100+ piece collection of Hot wheels I have placed a wide Variety of vehicles from The UK, Latin America, The US, Japan and of course, Australia. I like to collect castings that portray real vehicles from around the World. Many of the Castings I own, I try to keep in good condition, while I frequently neglect others.


1982 Pre-Hot Wheels Corgi Trading Cars series Winnipeg Jets Porsche Carrera- My favourite corgi livery yet, Go Jets Go!

I also have collected Matchbox, Tomica and Corgi Juniors cars. Mostly, I tend to only follow pages on the Castings I have already Collected or are planning to obtain.

Some of My favourite castings

The list below is of castings I have collected. (I mainly focus on what the car is , but sometimes the livery does catch my eye) It is organised based off the country of origin for the real car each casting portrays (or in the case of unlicensed castings) is based off of.

Australian Vehicles

Japanese Vehicles

Korean Vehicles

UK Vehicles

German Vehicles

Italian Vehicles

French Vehicles

Brazilian Vehicles

Mexican Vehicles

Swedish Vehicles

Corgi Castings later made By Hot Wheels

In my private collection are some old Corgi Juniors models that later were remade by Hot Wheels, but I only have acquired 13 Hot Wheels-made Corgi castings:

Pre Hot Wheels versions I have:

Pictures of my Corgi collection

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