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I spent nearly 6 years in the Mattel Design Center between 1998 and 2004. In that time I grew from a design intern with the innovation group in Hot Wheels to a Sr. / Lead Designer responsible for Tween and Trend product as well as being the initial lead on the Design and Development of the Acceleracers Program.

While working there I not only worked with every HW designer on staff at the time but also know what happened and why on my vehicles and products.

I'll do my best to fill in the blanks for those years as well as to communicate any new knowledge I come across or remember.

Worked with: Larry Wood Nathan Proch Phil Riehlman Mark Jones Greg Padginton Alec Tam Fraser Campbell Carson Lev Miq Willmott Wayne Scott Gary Swisher Dwayne Vance Jun Imai Josh Henson Steve Moran Jonathan Bedford Manson Cheung Rob Mathes Tony Miller Alton Takeyasu and many others

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