About Me: I currently own a 1973 Pontiac Grandville Hearse, need to know anything about hearses and ambulances, I belong to a national group just for those commercial vehicles. With that being said, I like scary movies, and thriller ones as well. Want to know where the muffler bearing is on a Batmobile look at a blue print for the Batmobile. George Barris had it written in the blue prints, as a joke. At the end of January I will no longer be working, with Mattel for family reasons. I have been collecting Hot Wheels since 1968, then in the summer of 1977 my family had a house fire and could never replace what I once owned. Below I added some pictures, and even a Customized '67 Camaro.


Some of my collections are. Almost the complete set of 1996 First Editions only thing missing is, the rare 1970 Dodge Charger Daytona Black interior.

Castings I have contributed to:

Series I helped out with

Hot Wheels Designers I helped out with

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