Hi. Grunty89 here, a casual collector of Hot Wheels cars. I've been collecting since 2003, and I'm usually snooping around town looking at base copyrights mainly to see and find tooling changes. As such, most of my edits around this wiki are based around tooling changes.

Some info about my collection...

  • Castings I want to own: N/A
  • First car: Golden Arrow (2003 First Editions, orange, 10SP wheels)

Favorite castings (not in order of most favorite to least)

(note: Heavyweight means metal body, metal base; makes it heavier than other cars)


Just small cases that I use to hold cars.

First case
Race Team Case
Promotional series/Acceleracers Case
Oddball case
Track Aces Case
The Land of Misfit Toys Case 1
The Land of Misfit Toys Case 2
The (mostly) Ferrari case
Acceleracers and Oddball Case
Retro Case (temporary storage for some cars)
Random Case 1
Random Case 2
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