Hopefully this will dispel the rumors that I'm a dictator around here. Here you will see two images on my computer while using the old, original skin of the Hot Wheels Wiki. The first one (the one on the left), shows what the gallery spacing looks like on my computer without the "Image:" coding tag. You will note that the pictures run off the right edge of the page and I would have to scroll over to see them on my screen. The second one (the one on the right), shows what the gallery spacing looks like on my computer with the "Image:" coding tag. You will notice that the images are spaced so that they show on my screen without having to scroll to the right to see them all. True, I would have to scroll down to see the bottom two images, but a gallery might have 20 images or more in it and scrolling down in that case would be understandable.

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Gallery spacing without "Image:" coding

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Now I won't be just a faceless username anymore.

1996 Ford Taurus GL Station Wagon - 02942df

My Ford Taurus GL station wagon.

1996 Mercury Sable LS Station Wagon - 09721ef

My other car, a 1996 Mercury Sable LS station wagon.

Hello, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm an administrator here, so if you have any questions at all, just leave a message on my talk page. So, feel free to ask any questions you might have, or just leave a comment in general if you like. I welcome any and all comments, questions or suggestions!

My name is Kenny Harrelson and my username at various places all over the internet is HaarFager. Being born in 1961, that makes me a first-generation Hot Wheels lover. I can still remember that first year they came out, 1968. I had a Custom T-Bird, a Python and a Custom Eldorado. They were great! And there just wasn't a time when I didn't like Hot Wheels. Today, I am a novelist and photographer and a professional musician, and still a fan of those tiny cars and trucks. As far as Hot Wheels go, I am a member at the following sites: Hot Wheels Red Line Club, I don't have a big collection, but there are/have been a few models of Hot Wheels that really struck me and that's why it's such an eclectic collection. I have been trying to photograph it and have been uploading pictures of some of my cars to various sites all over the internet., and of course on my blog Photo Journey. Be sure and look those up. I joined this Hot Wheels Wiki on September 22nd, 2008. If you would like to contact me personally over any questions or comments you might have, feel free to do so at "haarfage"AT""

As I said, I like all kinds of models, so you'll see me uploading to all kinds of different series. Here are some of the models I have worked on so far - creating pages for, adding information to and/or uploading images:

Some Of My Favorite Vehicles:

Model Name Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5
Letter Getter Letter Getter - 3108ff Little Debbie1 Delivery Truck - 6183df Letter Getter 2012 - 06931df Wonder Bread Delivery Truck - 6000cf 1986 Combat Medic - 5362ef
Deora II First Edition No Tampo Deora II - 5511cf Deora II World Race - 9804df Octopark Playset Deora II - 5646cf Geothermal Deora II - 3094ef 2000 New York Toy Fair Deora II - 5565df
Deora Gold Deora - 5729df Antifreeze Deora - 6473df Purple Deora - 6475df Red Deora - 6471df Aqua Deora - 6474df
'40's Woodie 1983 '40's Woodie - 3309ef '40's Woodie 1989 Classics - 7590df Blackwall Teal and Black '40's Woodie - 6402df '40's Woodie 2010 HW Garage - 4631ff '40's Woodie Connect Car - 7451df
8 Crate 8 Crate Hot Wheels 8-Crate 2006 Thailand - 01291df Redline 8 Crate - 5349df 8 Crate Flat Blue 2015 8-Crate - 05389df
CCM Country Club Muscle CCM Country Club Muscle - 5743cf CCM Red - 7012cf Country Club Muscle - 4618kf CCM Country Club Muscle - 04774ff CCM Red - 7012cf
School Bus School Bus - 3030cf2 1989 Hot Wheels School Bus First Edition - 6601ef Hot Wheels School Bus - 01453df Hot Wheels Muppets School Bus - 05158 1df Image Not Available
Troop Convoy Troop Convoy - 3302df Hot Wheels Troop Convoy Tan - 01429df Image Not Available Image Not Available Image Not Available

Some of the vehicle pages I've created or worked on:

Some of the various pages I've created or worked on:

Keep checking back and I'll try to keep what I've worked on updated!

Some Of My Favorite Images I've Taken:

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