• I was born on March 30
  • My occupation is smashing.
  • I am not even in my final form!

Hello, fellow Wikia user!  I am Hamburgercat4, and have started collecting Hot Wheels around 2005.  Unfortunately, many of my pre-2011 Hot Wheels are damged with various paint chips and worn off wheel tampos.  However, my newer cars are in relatively good condition.  My collection consists of around 107 cars (this number changes sometimes daily) and 1 airplane.  I mainly collect Hot Wheels, but I look to expand my horizons into Matchbox (distribution is a huge problem though) and other 1/64 brands as well in 2016.

Another aspect of Hot Wheels I have recently discovered is customization.  I have about 5 custom cars, with the customization ranging from full-on paintjobs to simple wheel swaps.  Sometimes that is all you need!

Notable Cars I Have

My Customs (not all shown)

Hamburgercat4 Custom 180SX

Custom '96 Nissan 180SX Type X

Hamburgercat4 S2000

Honda S2000 J5 Wheel Swap

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