• I live in Ontario, Canada
  • I was born on October 29
  • My occupation is Artist
  • I am an altered beast

I'm a lifelong fan of Hot Wheels, and I'd consider myself a collector.

Favorite Original HW Castings

  • XS-IVE - This was one of the first I ever had, and I've always loved it. This thing is as over-the-top and extreme as the name implies, and I love that about it.
  • Overbored 454 - Another early one of mine. Nostalgia aside, I still think it looks cool.
  • Mega Duty - Yet another one I've had forever, and another one I love.
  • Rodger Dodger - Such a sick car, I love the huge blower so much. I also really like the similar castings of Bye-Focal, Show Off, and Dixie Challenger.
  • Bone Shaker - Another iconic one, I'm a big fan of '20's style pickup truck hot rods, which Bone Shaker perfectly exemplifies. I like its variations, like Bone Speeder or Baja Bone Shaker, but nothing will ever beat the original.
  • Rigor Motor - I have a love of Gothic-style things, and Rigor Motor has a healthy helping of macabre imagery.
  • Way 2 Fast - It has two engines, what's not to love? The whole thing looks awesome.
  • Other Unlicensed Hot Rods I enjoy but don't need to go into detail about: The Demon, Fangula, Street Rodder, Ratbomb, 1/4 Mile Coupe, Midnight Otto, Red Baron and Deuce Roadster.
  • Deora II - As a fan of Highway 35 World Race, few cars are more nostalgic to me then the cab-forward surf truck. HW35 aside, it just looks really cool, nice and smooth, I like it.

Licensed Models I Love

  • 1969 Dodge Charger R/T - If I really think about it, it was this model that made me love the '69 Charger so much. The HW model is such an awesome representation of it.
  • '68 El Camino (original tool) and Custom '71 El Camino - I love El Camino's, and these two customs, to me, represent the perfect mix of the original car and that Hot Wheels charm.
  • Most Mopar castings, with special mention to; 1969 Coronet Super Bee, '70 Charger R/T, '70 Roadrunner, '71 Hemi Cuda, '71 Challenger, '70 Superbird, '68 Dart, '71 Demon, Duster Thruster, and of course, the aforementioned '69 Charger and Rodger Dodger (they're special cases). I love Mopar's, they have, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful bodies in the history of automobiles.


Self-Explanatory. I know they'll never see this, but it's fun to dream.

  • 1968 Dodge Charger - I love Chargers, and it's odd they've never made one with the '68 stylings.
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