I'm a lifelong fan of Hot Wheels, and I'd consider myself a collector. If you couldn't tell already, I love organizing things, and creating new categories is something I love doing, I'm glad people have already helped and added to the one's I've made. If you have any questions or concerns about what I'm doing, let me know.

Favorite Original HW Castings

  • XS-IVE - This was one of the first I ever had, and I've always loved it. This thing is as over-the-top and extreme as the name implies, and I love that about it.
  • Overbored 454 - Another early one of mine. Nostalgia aside, I still think it looks cool.
  • Mega Duty - Yet another one I've had forever, and another one I love.
  • Rodger Dodger - Such a sick car, I love the huge blower so much. I also really like the similar castings of Bye-Focal, Show Off, and Dixie Challenger.
  • Bone Shaker - Another iconic one, I'm a big fan of '20's style pickup truck hot rods, which Bone Shaker perfectly exemplifies. I like its variations, like Bone Speeder or Baja Bone Shaker, but nothing will ever beat the original.
  • Rigor Motor - I have a love of Gothic-style things, and Rigor Motor has a healthy helping of macabre imagery.
  • Way 2 Fast - It has two engines, what's not to love? The whole thing looks awesome.
  • Other Unlicensed Hot Rods I enjoy but don't need to go into detail about: The Demon, Fangula, Street Rodder, Ratbomb, 1/4 Mile Coupe, Midnight Otto, Red Baron and Deuce Roadster.
  • Deora II - As a fan of Highway 35 World Race, few cars are more nostalgic to me then the cab-forward surf truck. HW35 aside, it just looks really cool, nice and smooth, I like it.

Licensed Models I Love

  • 1969 Dodge Charger R/T - If I really think about it, it was this model that made me love the '69 Charger so much. The HW model is such an awesome representation of it.
  • '68 El Camino (original tool) and Custom '71 El Camino - I love El Camino's, and these two customs, to me, represent the perfect mix of the original car and that Hot Wheels charm.
  • Most Mopar castings, with special mention to; 1969 Coronet Super Bee, '70 Charger R/T, '70 Roadrunner, '71 Hemi Cuda, '71 Challenger, '70 Superbird, '68 Dart, '71 Demon, Duster Thruster, and of course, the aforementioned '69 Charger and Rodger Dodger (they're special cases). I love Mopar's, they have, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful bodies in the history of automobiles.


Self-Explanatory. I know they'll never see this, but it's fun to dream.

  • 1968 Dodge Charger - I love Chargers, and it's odd they've never made one with the '68 stylings.
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